Mold stains under soffits

Good day everyone, I did a complete tearout of our roof last year and put on new decking and shingles… and thanks to all of you who helped us along the way… no leaks :slight_smile:

I have a bit of mold staining the underside of the decking in areas where there is poor ventilation, mainly underside of the soffits and one corner of the garage. I have treated all of these area with concrobium. The garage is wide open and does not have a ceiling.

My question is: Should I paint the underside of the soffits?

We will be painting our house this weekend… it would be a perfect time to spray them.

Thx for the help

Yes, paint under the soffit. More importantly, I hope you have edge metal (nosing) and you have your underlayment installed properly.

Thx for the reply… yes! Being a 3/12 pitch I followed the recommendations from one of the experts on this forum and the entire roof was covered with Grace I&WS and the drip edge was installed all the way around.

If this roof ever leaks… I’m tearing this whole house down :slight_smile: