How do you handle the issue of mold with a h.o.
I have a potential customer who wants to know what I can do to take care of some minor(imo)mold on the truss.

Anyone ever run into this?


First, a little information about m old:


Mold is everywhere. Mold has been around long before man started walking this earth and will be here long after man has become extinct. Mold has always found a way to survive, in spite of man’s best efforts to eliminate it. There are even references to mold in the Bible.

The prospect of being exposed to microbial contamination (mold) in one’s residence or workplace is a terrifying thought. The media has chosen to focus on ‘toxic mold’, ‘black slimy mold’ and ‘killer mold’. There are molds that are allergenic (causing an allergic reaction) to almost anyone and then there are molds that are allergenic to very few of us. Any allergenic reaction to the presence of mold depends upon a number of factors: the genus/species of mold, the person’s general health at the time of exposure, the length of time of exposure and other environmental conditions and health symptoms of the exposed person. Mold can be dangerous to some people and have less effect on others.

Mold needs only two things to survive: a food source and a water source. An excellent food source for mold is any carbon-based (and particularly any cellulose, or wood-based) substance. In today’s structures, food sources for mold are readily available (sheetrock, wood wall studs, wood flooring or wood decking); the availability of a moisture source is the only unknown quantity for mold to thrive. Once an adequate ‘moisture source’ has been located, long-dormant mold spores can gain a foothold. As long as the food and moisture sources are supplied, the mold colonies will continue to grow and prosper.

We say that there are no structures that have a ‘mold problem’; there are only structures that have a ‘moisture problem.’ If there is a ‘musty, moldy smell’ or family members and co-workers are experiencing previously unknown health symptoms, there may be microbial contamination (mold) in your residence or building. If an interior water pipe has burst, a toilet or shower has overflowed floors above you, the dishwasher or washing machine has developed a leak or the kitchen sink or basement has flooded, there may be mold growing. There is only a forty-eight (48) hour window to eliminate the moisture source before mold starts to grow and be happy. Once mold starts to grow and ‘flower,’ it produces spores (seeds) that can cause severe allergenic reactions in persons that are susceptible to the particular type of mold that has developed a foothold in the person’s environment.

If a person feels sick in one environment and fine in another, he or she may be exposed to microbial contamination (mold). There are indoor environmental quality tests that can be conducted to determine if microbial contamination has occurred after a moisture intrusion. Please consult a qualified, certified Indoor Environmental Professional to ensure that the indoor environmental quality of your home or workplace is as healthy as you deserve it to be.

Now here is a link found on ToolBase regarding everything you wanted to know about mold, but were afraid to ask;

Ed … fault.aspx

Thanks Ed

kiltz it


bleach and water. Simple

I know bleach and water will do the job but I need documentation ta satisfy the H.O. , thats a great link ed, it did the job.

Bleach only temporarily solves the symptom, not the problem that created the condition in the first place.


he asked how to remove the mold. Ventilation will solve the problem. oh yea insulation helps alot too.

The only proper way to appease the home owners minds it to address the problem and not just the symptoms.

I think that the home owners would feel a desire to know as much about the proper solutions available. If he does not make them aware of the possibility of recurring problems, then he may be setting himself up for a mold lawsuit down the road.

I also advise that you insert a “Mold Disclaimer” in your written notification to the HO and get it signed by them.

Here is a link to a “Mold Disclaimer” from Air Vent Corporation. … laimer.pdf


Thanks to everyone for weighing in on this topic. I know the mold is from an active leak. A new roof will solve this problem. H.O. wants some info(thanks ed for the info) in print to put her mind at ease. H.O. is in her 80’s.

The info ed provided statedin 10 to 12 pages of technical info, that bleach will kill it and by eliminating the moisture source, prevent it from returning.

I did the last dumb ass home owner plugged every single rafter space with a fiberglass bat wrapped in paper, air could not get through the soffit area.

There was mold on all the rafter tails, the facia was rotted and some rafter tails and rotted right away.

I cut them off and attached new ones on. Interestingly the mold was only on the spruce material, it did not grow on the solid pine roof, I think the resin in the pine stopped it.

Zinzer has a paint that has amonia in it, I think all the zinzer primers might but I used this bathroom paint and painted all the rafter tails, it is supposed to kill the mold and stop it from growing again.

Putting in continuous soffit vent should help as well. I will open it up some of the soffit at some point to see if any of the mold returned

You could check with the Zinzer salesman, I talked to a gentleman in Florida I think and he was in the paint field for 30 plus years and really knew his stuff.


If you do use amonia products, be careful with galvanized nails as you’ll get a galvanic reaction & the nails won’t last… rust.

PS: I’m splitting hairs, but this is really a bit more of a Construction & Technique question vs. Roofing Business.

Actually it is business, I sold the job because I satisfied the H.O.'s main concern. The link Ed provided was printed and binded(mold book). Follow up contact three days later was with the “mold book”. H.O. told me after the sale the mold book was why she choose me , even as the highest bidder of three.

I now have a new weapon in the sales arsenal when I see a “hot button” regarding mold concern. This event may not happen all that often, however it’s an edge.


Whats my cut on the commission?

Glad you found the information useful to land a job.