Money making season!

Finally spring is here for all you canadian roofers. Roofing season is just starting to get going, im just wondering how busy my fellow canadian roofers are? going to be a good year? or are you below normal for calls?

I had 12 days off this winter. Only shoveled snow off 3 roofs this year. Been a great start and I’m now seeing foundations going in all over the place. Already broke out the short sleeve and shorts this week.

You guys up there in Canada are much tougher than me when it comes to weather. Big props for what you guys have to deal with. I am in Washington, DC and I still think that is too cold. :lol:

We roofed alot this winter to doing sub ins or catching up on last summers work. How many guys do you have? You in ontario?

Myself I’m in Kamloops, British Columbia. And we were down to two crews this winter. Our town doesn’t usually get much snow, pretty desert like conditions here. Already got a head start on my tan lol

Do you own the company? How many guys do you keep on in the summer months