Mop or spray on sealants?

I have a 3600 Sq. Ft. flat roof, it has an old tar and gravel that is not in that bad of shape. I would like to know about different sealants that can be sprayed or mopped on existing roof. The two that I’ve looked into are Wet Jet from Pace and Unisil from GAF. If anyone has used either of these or any of the other many brands that are available please let me know what you thought of the results.


IMO the best sealant for your application would be to scrape the gravel back, flood coat with hot asphalt and put the gravel back.

If your existing roof is a gravel surfaced Built Up system, there really isn’t a product that is going to work without first spudding off the gravel. On such a small roof, if you are feeling you need to resurface it, you may be better served by installing a new roof system.