More of your thoughts!

Think I’m goin’ with Certainteed Presidential shakes. Anybody have any opinions on these ? What should I be aware of before I go any further ? Are these shingles easy to work with ? Thanks.

hello templeman,
all fiberglass shingles are pretty good theese days so if ya get the top of the line your in pretty good shape.

is a 30 yr , middle of the road shingle a good 25 yr roof that cost alot less?
you bet ya.

good luck .


The TL’s wich weigh in at 480 lbs a square are going to be the best asphalt shingles on the market.

Staples are not allowed, nails only.

Perhaps someday I’ll be lucky enough to be able to install these shingles on a roof.

IMO the Landmark TL’s are a great bang for the buck. The Centenial Slates although new on the market look like nice shingles.

The Grand Manor and Carriage House shingles have great reputations.

We did a 13/12 farm house with the TLs a month or so ago. nice shingles alittle on the heavy side :mrgreen:

We have a Presidential shake coming up with all copper valleys and counter flashings. Not really looking forward to this one :cry:

Thanks for your input guys ! I’m also going the distance and specifying copper flashing and valleys. I’ve found a reputable installer who is familiar with the product so wish me luck … I’m off to the bank ( smirk ) !!!