More on RFG vs DMO

Another RFG vs DMO win. Posting this to encourage all Contractors to submit estimates where the remove line items are switched to RFG as the trade. $19,798 for 30 SQ. In this case, the Adjuster approved our estimate to the penny. Got the deposit today from the Homeowner, building in a few weeks.

No question, this is rare. However, we’ve added thousands to our bottom line and to commissions this year by adding it. Everyone needs to continue to put on the pressure. Don’t be one of those that just let’s everybody else do the heavy lifting. Check these estimates as complete and send them in to Xactimate. Factor in RFG as your trade when you call in survey pricing. Do something positive here and make a difference in your own future profits.


Are there certain carriers that are more apt to saying yes on this? I tried this with Allstate and got the, “we have contractors that can do it for our price response, take it or leave it.”

I thought the homeowner chose the contractor not the insurance company.

Plus the standard Xactimate prices are the medium value of any given line item which means 50% are higher and 50% are lower.

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I have used the above estimate technique with great success in an appraisal scenario. Thanks to AD for all of his contributions.

TY AD for the images and notes. I’ve been one of the many out there who feels like they are beating their heads against the wall when dealing with adjusters from the big 3-4. We have just recently started implementing this into our estimates and have had mixed results.
Aside from the notes, what else do you use or say to plead your case?

I quit messing with rfg versus dmo. The hit rate was zero with the majors and often distracted from other things we can get approved. I laugh when I see the thread and all the people chasing it when they might as well be chasing their trail.

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