More pics of fascia/shingle lift problem

So the main contractor is trying to say this is problem the roofer has to deal with, but to me it looks like improperly installed fascia.

Was the roof put on before the fascia? Did it look that way before?

Is that drip edge?? it looks like who ever installed never put any nails into dripedge,which would be why shingles look raised from the shape of metal not being nailed…

Roof was put on before the fascia. The roof line was straight after the new roof was on, before the fascia and gutter was installed. There are no nails anywhere in that top edge, its only held on by the screws that hold the gutter to the house.

Did the gutter installer put the apron flashing in? If there are no nails in the roof I would assume thats the case. If your able to lift the shingles and starters as much as in the pics, I would have someone nail the starter course down which will also fasten your apron and eliminate the buckling.

Sounds like you had multiple contractors on the job. Whoever installed the gutter apron should be the one to repair it.

That’s alot of shingle your picking up on where’s the drip?I don’t see where it is sealed in anyway. People always say don’t worry about the edge, quess alot of them have never seen what major overflow and ice dams can do to the edge of a roof. Good luck on your new roof repairs.

If you seal that edge, how does the water get out if there is a case of ice backup?

my 2 cents is its a mess. I would never do work like that. You are picking way to much shingle up and from what i can see the shingle overhang is alot farther than it should be. I would hold back some money untill everything is fixed or you might be stuck with all that mess


**You are not lifting too much shingle. **

Nails start at 5" or 5 1/2". You are not lifting above the nail line. That can be clearly seen in the picture.

It is not the roofers problem. As he installed the roof before the gutter and fascia was installed.

Look at the pictures a little closer and even though the nailing should start at 5 to 5 1/2 inches thats the shingle line nailing not the starter nailing the guy is using his whole thumb to pick up the end of the shingle thats about two inches if not more who in thier mind on thier technique hangs shingles and starter over the eave that much now if someone nails the starter down they will most likely nail through the starter through the metal thats a problem waiting to happen water and ice can back water the first whole course and wheres the drip quess not installing it is that also a new tech? The fascia that is installed on that project goes on before the shingles and drip it’s like the sub fascia used alot in metal roofs. Its a mess and as I say good luck with your new roof repairs.

Lefty, I was about to the say the same thing. It looks like it is picked up about two inches (or the length of most mens thumbs). The gutter also looks to be pitched too much at the end or the house is crooked.

Also Wasp, what are you talking about? You can not tell if the shingles are hung over the eave that much or not.

I guess my question is why wasnt the Gutter Apron put on along with the roof?

If you can’t tell that it isn’t then tell me how is it only in that one spot? You people amaze me day after day. I wouldn’t have any of you on the government projects that I have been working on you all couldn’t handle the inspectors right over your shoulder. Not just one 11 of them. Not to mention your in full body harness and the rest of your PPE. There is alot more to being a roofer than putting a nail in a shingle and most of you only seem to know how to do that so to all you professionals SMSMEMR and do it hard and fast

The whole problem is that the fascia is buckling from the house being in and out…Metal is temperamental ,and if the Sub-fascia is not straight the metal will buckle…any experienced metal man should know that… :stuck_out_tongue: …Also have to say that the fascia should be under the paper ,or I&W shield not over…

Yes to that and facia metal should be nailed too deck!And wasp you think your the only one workin with inspectors?.. funny one!!

Congrads… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks much for the advice, I am trying to decide whether to fork up the cash for an independent roofing inspector prior to payment. We have about $2k on deposit on a $16k job, so it may be worth it depending on the cost.

Here’s an additional pic of that overhang. Whats interesting about this is the screw holding that gutter on, which to me looks an awful lot like a drywall screw. I’m going to pull one out in a few to see, but if thats not an exterior grade screw…

Full size:

I guess I have different terminology. You guys seem to be calling Fascia what I call gutter apron which should be nailed to the roof deck. Now I also see the overhang. I dont know if I understand that one.


Congrads… :P[/quote]

Do you think the crown will fit nicly? Lets see what eles he has to say befor you give up your crown that easily. :wink:

I think it is more of the gutter apron then actual fascia, here you can see how it wraps down into the gutter and is held in place by the screws holding the gutter up. There are no nails in that top edge, and the bend was not sufficient to hold it in place.

EDIT: The contractor says its a fascia problem, they will remove and replace the problem areas and repair it to my satisfaction on Tuesday.

Larger image:

I’ll say it again you need nails in metal to deck…and metal pushed as flush to deck as possible before nailing…