Most expensive mistake

I am half way done with my roof and I started thinking what if the inspector comes by and fails it. I would then have to redo the whole thing. This got me thinking. I was wondering what mistakes you or your work crews have made that cost you a lot of money. I remember talking to one of my coworkers and he said that roofers began putting on the wrong colored shingles on his new home. He tried calling the builder but did not get a response as usual. He just let the roofers keep on doing the roof and eventually made the builder put the right shingles up. I was hoping some of your responses could help me avoid some of these mistakes.

In my experience a village/town/parish inspector doen’t do much but look at the underside of the sheathing and make sure you put on what you said you would. GAF and Certainteeds inspectors will nitpick and fail you for different things. Thats only warranty stuff though and they will tell you what needs to be fixed.

That’s true. I guess if you have quality control huge problems wouldn’t occur. My inspector just said to follow the instructions on the bundle. I am going with a 5 1/2 in exposed area instead of 5 5/8. I doubt he would even notice.

I’ve never had them do anything other than a casual inspection from the ground and get up into the attic and look at the stamp on the sheathing. If your does more then he’s a better inspector than any of the guys around here and I deal with about a dozen municipalitys. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

hahaha…mine only takes the permit fee and doesnt come to the site.

well me and my uncle done this reroof and we had half of the roof done. The home owner comes by and says that the wrong colar shingles. We phoned the boss and told us it was the wrong colar shingles and it was the loaders fault. we had to rip it off and re do it.
We got paid for the bundles we put on and ripped off. It was like doing a reroof and a new roof at the same time. That was cool.

While it hasn’t happened to me, there has been more than one time or another that a crew has gotten an incorrect address from an office, or they read an address wrong…

Homeowner had already left for the day (or) the property was unoccupied / someone away on vacation, etc.

I guess MY most expensive situation was the skylight leaking that I went into detail here a couple of months ago… I should have charged for all the return visits, but all we required was $$ for the extra flashing kit from a local metal shop.