Move vent stack near ridge?


I have a simple ranch house with a 52’ long 4/12 pitch roof that is getting new shingles, soffit vents, skylight, and porch. One additional modification I would like to add since it is bugging me is moving the vent stacks that currently sit in the middle of the roof on the front of the house.

Due to having to maintain a crawlspace to the HVAC unit in the attic, moving it would seem to be limited to an area on the back side of the roof only about 12-16" south of the ridge.

What I can’t figure out is whether there is any limitation by code or otherwise to having the vent stack this close to the ridge, or the ridge vent (ShingleVent II most likely). The top of the pipe would be as high or higher than the ridge as far as I can figure.

Does anyone know if there are any issues with this, or if there are any acceptable “low profile” vent stacks?

Any help greatly appreciated!


i believe in NY the code is the stack must be higher than the ridge.


Maybe the chimney, but not the stacks.

If your existing vent is in the middle of the roof as you said then I’d have to assume there isn’t a code saying it needs to be higher than the ridge. When in doubt call your local building dept. On a 4/12 you don’t want a “low profile” vent stack because I’m thinking you guys do get some snow in Virginia. Better safe than sorry IMO! I would use a 12-18" vent.

Any re-routing questions will have to be answered onsite by an heat/AC professional.

A stack cant be within 10 feet of a venting skylight in mass.

Thanks, you guys are quick!

The stacks I see here are pretty much all over the roof. I did finally find one that is about 14" from a ridge, but it is a small one, maybe only 2" dia., and mine are a 3-4" and ~2" (that I am hoping to combine). As far as I could tell, the top of the was about flush with the ridge.

Thanks for the input on the low profile stacks - I hadn’t thought about the snow issue.

Also, on the skylight, there is a stack close to the new skylight location. So far nobody has mentioned this, so thanks for pointing this out.

As far rerouting the pipes in the attic, I will have a plumber look at / move them, but I like to get my facts as straight as possible when contacting them.

Thanks again.

if you are reffering to a “plumbing” vent then the guys are right it only need be 12-18" high and prefferably not near a window (they stink). if it is a triple wall or a B-vent (furnace or wood burning stove). then yes it needs to be higher than the ridge.

If you were to look @ ‘most’ new construction, a well executed home will have as many pipes (not chimneys, but plumbing pens of all varieties) as possible punched BEHIND the ridge line. It interferes with a clean roofline from a “curb appeal” aspect.

Also, if you have a painter come out for any reason, tell them to leave all the vents alone. Nothing looks uglier* than a roof with a contrasted trim color & the moran** painters attack the pipes with the same trim color. Have your roofer get a roofing spray paint that’s considered a “best match” to your end use shingle color.

*OK, so I can easily think of many other things far, far uglier. You get the idea.

**Spelled that way on porpoise.