How many of you make lots of use from your Fien tools? I use mine a lot on difficult jobs like kerfing this sidng for a kick out. The first piece going back in will be kerfed on the back.[attachment=1]KickOut with MultiMaster (4).jpg[/attachment]

Then, the metal in place.
[attachment=0]KickOut with MultiMaster (5).jpg[/attachment]

I find vertical siding the hardest to deal with, but I’m able to cut anything at any angle I want to do anything I want to preserve the original look. This was cut after I installed the drip-edge. Some just run the roof and then slap aluminum or other metal on top f the siding which looks really tacky.

Yes,I use one,but,its just a cheap Canadian Tire knock off. Perfect for what you’ve shown and also for when ya gotta cut siding back up under an overhang,where a circular saw just cant get.Works get for cutting riglets in posts so you don’t get over-cuts or cutting into a corner,just name a few spots where this is the tool to have.

They’re one of those tools you can’t live without as soon as you get one.

Makes ya wonder how you ever did without