Must adjusters submit an insurance scope

I’ve been running into a bunch of Ky. Farm Bureau adjusters that WON’T submit a scope. Most won’t even submit a any type of itemized list they just send a check to the homeowner. Is there anything that can be done to combat this practice? One adjuster made me an offer of $190.00 per sq. When I accepted the offer plus disposal fees, replacement vents, drip edge etc. She began backing up and said EVERYTHING must be included in the 190
R U kidding me?
Anyway thanks in advance for any help and advise.

Wow, it sounds like you have some mass confusion on your hands. No that’s not typical here in MN but still one out of thirty to forty claims the home owner gets a check with no paperwork. After I’m done with the insurance company there’s plenty of paperwork for all to see.

In MN $190 buys you one square of shingles and the labor to tear it off. There’s about 11-15 line items after that…

It’s best to stay away from insurance companies who pay by the square as a flat rate. The ones that do here typicaly try to say there’s hundreds of contractors out there willing to work there butts off for $250 a square. Sure there are also a lot of roofers who have no work because nobody wants them on there roof!!!

Only had a couple claims with F.B. and they paid my estimate to the penny both times. Of course several states away things can change.

In this situation, I think it is best to have the Homeowner go back through their Agent, or direct to the company, and request a full scope of loss. It is in their best interest to have this, otherwise, how can they tell what the insurance paid for and in turn, can require the contractor to do?

dougger is correct, seems like about one out of every thirty or forty comes in with no paperwork included. In some cases, they’ve went directly off of our Xactimate, so no problem. In a few cases, it seems clear they’re trying to jam a low ball claim award down the Homeowner’s throat.

I would tell the homeowner to demand an estimate for all damages from the adjuster. This is borderline “bad faith practice” on the insurance company part and I would let them know that.
I would start with the agent. Some agents have more pull then others with the adjuster supervisor. Then I would explain my grievances with to the adjusters supervisor and go up from there. Remember a squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

They’re weird here too. I’m dealing with Homesite. My proposal was 3 times theirs. They then sent me their adjusters copy of exactimate which even had aline about removing the slates and adding I&W shield. So, I had to add a line for that which increased my proposal to $2,200.( about 5X theirs) for the 1-1/2square. I haven’t heard back from them in two days, but the HO keeps calling with updates on their arguing with them.


Thanks for all the help guys. While it may be too late to make a difference on this one, I’ll make certain I seek out your advise sooner in the future.
And Dad, I’ve been looking at your post. You got it together, I know with you on my side I’ll be successful.