My contractor is VERY ODD

you guys have got to understand that i am working with a very odd man. first off,i am onvinced he is living/sleeping on my roof.thats another story.
one day he will tell me how great ridge vents are and that i should have them.he then sits down and talks about ridge vents for hours and convinces me that i need them but refuses to take any money except for the material/ i would imagaine thats the guilt he must be feeling from living rent free on my roof. very wierd.i actually saw a sleeping bag up there on more than one occasion and when i confronted him he gives me a hug and says “lets get that ridge vent done”. he is now talking about windows and doors. i truely appreciate everyones responses and its very nice of everyone to take time out to explain things.
thank you

I’ve heard of fly by night contractors before ,but dam it man where did you find this guy ,in a homeless shelter.Thats actually the saddest story I’ve ever heard.
A friend of mine picked up a hitchhiker on I-65 in Clanton Alabama next to the big peach(water tower),the guy said him and his buddy hitched from california together but split up so his buddy could visit with his family and he was to wait by the big orange in Florida.The guy said he had been waiting for three days and his buddy hasnt shown up yet.Anyways ,25 years later this guy is still working for him. So,don’t call in the dogs and piss on the fire yet,you might have a good handy man.After all you know he is sleeping on your roof and he is still working for you so you must not have a problem with it.

Taser, instead of nickel & diming us to death (even your 1st post here isn’t a full explanation) how about you give us a broader scope of what you’re doing?

Is this a repair / remodel to one particular area of the home?

Are you adding on & trying to tie in a new wall & roof structure to the existing building?

How many doors are you trying to work with (a count of the interior & exterior as individual numbers) & what type doors (insulated metal, wood, prehung or custom fit jambs); what type / size & style of windows; your siding type (brick, vinyl, wood, fiber cement, Masonite), etc.

Really - a more general idea of what you’re doing vs. bits 'n pieces is what we want.

doing the roof but am now going to start the doors and windows. i need to know these things. my contractor is very secretive for some reason.
thank you

secretive is not a good thing. i hope he is insured because he will probably fall off your roof when he is sleeping!!! [size=200]WTF[/size] :shock:

These guys are great when pictures of the house and your projects are posted ,it gives them an overall picture of what can be done ,without pictures they are blind folded and cant give you an accurate answer to every question.

just need some answers guys. my questions are’nt complex. just seeking the truth and searching for answers.

Well that is one I haven’t heard before.
I am pretty sure you are not in my area, we had 3 inches of snow on the roof this morning…

I don’t know what else to say…

Well I am bored and I thought of something.

You need to find out for sure if this guy is “sleeping” on your roof.
I hope it is a low sloper…
If this is indeed the case you need to put a stop to it, like right forking now.
If your heart goes out to this guy for whatever reason, and you find him to be somewhat trustworthy, let him sleep in your backyard or something…
Better yet give him a bus ticket somewhere…
Only you know the answer to this question…
You can’t let him sleep on your roof, for his own safety at the very least…

This is truly odd, I kinda wanna call pics or shens…

Has this been going on for the last 10 days?

All im going to say is if he is sleeping on your roof throw this guy off the property and go on with your business. FIND A NEW CONTRACTOR to many things i do not like about this guy already. I would not let him do a dog house being secretive.

If he has put the roof on and has not put any ventilation on the roof there is a problem. If he has cut the roof for ridge vent and has not installed any there again thats a problem. Taser email me your number and i will call this monrning and straighten you out. There is an email button in my posting. Do not just type it in this area. The more i know the more i can help. Last guy i helped got 750 dollars back in his pocket. That could be you. But you will have to be honest with me and let me know everything that is going on, not secrective like you have been.

If he has ordered windows with nail fins then this guy does not know jack, those are for new con only. Fine if you are only having an addition put on, not the rest of the house. That ridge vent he is talking about so much i hope you have enough soffit vents that are not blocked to support the ridge vent. If not the ridge vent will not work.

In the end it sounds like this guy is down on his luck and grasping on to whatever he can. If he is infact sleeping on the roof that is a MAJOR problem. I would check insurance to see if he has and not the piece of paper call the insurance company and see if the policy is active. If it is not tell him good day and throw him off your property. Does he even have a licence is my question. Like i said email me and i will call you.

ok i think i got it.
taser has a homeless guy that occasionally camps on his roof and a contractor that tries not to talk to much.
seems normal, if your in the big city.

if its roof vents your waundering about,
again i have thousands of houses with and without
roof ventilation, in my community.
yes they save a few bucks over the year in elc.
yes there the first to blow of in high winds.
no i cannot tell the difference when tearing a roof off, weather it had a ridge vent or not.

some people like the look of a ridge vent
nothin wrong with that.

people who have lived through hurricane force winds
do not want any openings in there roof.
a gable end is a thing of the past, everyones building all hiped roofs in punta gorda.

either way down here the roof will work.

good luck.


Does this guy have tools? How did he get them there? In a truck? If he has a truck, would he not rather sleep in it than on the roof? I’m not making a judgement call here. Maybe for him the roof is more comfortable. I don’t know that for fact.
I’d rather sleep in the truck tho. Speaking for myself.