My first major roofing job is complete!

I wanted to thank everyone on this forum that helped to answer a myriad of questions I had as a newbie non-roofer trying to roof a 90-square roof while adding an addition to the house. What makes me a lousy roofer is that it took me 1 year and 2 months to finish it. Of course, it was done in stages - 2 months for the front of house, a long break through winter, then building foundation and framing for the new addition for spring and summer, then another 3 months or so for the back of the house. My ridge vent may not be perfectly straight, my valleys may not be too perfect, but I tried to follow the rules and the house remained dry through a very strong windy rain this week. Hope it continues to stay dry for at least 20 years.

Used OC Duration shingles in Driftwood, OC Deck Defense Underlayment, copper for all the flashing, used Grace IWS for all valleys, eaves, rakes, and roof to wall and roof to chimney transitions despite us getting an average of 1 inch of snow per year. Felt extra cost to materials would make it as watertight as possible. Used all Lifetime Tool branded silicone boot flashing and bathroom venting rated to no leaks up to 120mph einds. Used FAMCO 6 inch kitchen vent, as I felt it was the best option there. Used either Geocel 2300 or Masterseal NP1 caulking for everything, except Henry’s Rubberized Cement for closed cut valley sealing. Followed all your recommendations. Very appreciative of all the patient help I received from everyone. Photos to follow. Happy new year, and happy new roof to us!

An overkill? I hope so!

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What brand of shingles do you use?

Owen’s Corning Duration Shingles with SureNail Strip. Frankly, with so much variability from shingle to shingle, such as difference in overlap amount between the laminated layers and differences in lengths between some shingles, some bundles came with shingles that were missing a handful of large rocks on the surface, I have sometimes wondered if I should have gone with Atlas or Malarkey, but they all seemed to have bad reviews. Every brand you look into, has its own supporters and detractors. Consistently, I found out to avoid using GAF. And to pick either Cetrainteed, Atlas, Malarkey, or OC. I chose OC, since it was readily available and was diligent in following proper installation instructions, including proper nailing 6-1/8 inches from bottom layer to ensure it penetrates both laminated layers, etc…

Very nice! Better soak the chimney with sealant, those aren’t exterior joints…

Very nice job Eugene. There is no such thing as overkill when you are doing a job for yourself. Overkill is descriptive of wasting a homeowners money on details that are unnecessary. When it’s your own place it’s all in what you are willing to pay for. Again, nice job!


Looks good Eugene… Were hiring in Washington if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Haha. Appreciate you all! If my pharmacy profession does not work out, I will be sure to reach out. :rofl:

Don’t quit your day job. Yours is recession proof, ours isn’t!

Street corner pharmacist?

No need to insult the man, he obviously has skills.


Haha. Hospital pharmacist full time and part time retail. This is why it took me so long to get this roof done, since I continued to work 65 hours a week. @Tileman, the Healthcare field is getting tougher. But with baby boomers aging, we are hopeful our jobs will remain.

I got ChimneyRx chimney water repellent and cap sealant, but I first need to clean all the dirt out of the mortar. Thinking back, probably should have done that while the old roof was on the house. Now I worry I will damage new shingles cleaning chimneys. I think wire brush for mortar joints will suffice, then will brush on the sealant while protecting roof with rags. Hopefully that will keep my sanity.

Lighten up, francis it was a joke!

I cleaned a lot of limestone. Tried muriatic acid, didn’t work. Power washer did the job. Doesn’t take much pressure. When I had to etch a chimney, I used tarps and duck tape to keep the roof clean, not sure if it was necessary, but didn’t want to deal with the repercussions. If it’s just dirt, keep the roof wet and rinse it with a hose. Don’t use detergents or power wash the shingles! I’d start with a 40 degree tip and see how that works.

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You are much better at my job than I could be at your job!

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