My new roof shingles are not laying flat

The roofer has come out and taken pictures and shingle samples. They say the OC shingles are defective and they will be paid to completely strip the roof and re-do it. That amazes me but we will see if it happens.

I have seen OC shingles do that before and have had two roofs replaced under warranty due to wrinkles in the shingles. OC knows it’s a thing and has experienced it prior.

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OC said there was nothing wrong with the samples returned to them and would do nothing. The roofer came out, now months later, and replaced hundreds of shingles. It now looks much better, but I had wish they had done it right in the first place.

Thank you for updating.

Roofers need to learn to lay synthetic flat.
Roofing felt only needed to be stretched horizontally to be installed flat.
Synthetic needs to be stretched vertically also to be installed flat.
Any other way is wrong.
Its plain to see the wrinkles in the in-progress photo.
Roofers can ignore them if they want to.
They will
Continue to have unsatisfied customers.

Personally even worse is where they realized that the bottom of the valley was rotted out.
They did replace all the wood.
But its a problem area where water sits and stays wet.
I would have installed ice and water shield on the bottom few feet at least.
Yet, they installed one layer of synthetic.
Legal probably in your area and probably approved installation method.
But i still say Uggh.

Often, shingles will conform to the shape of whatever is underneath them, and if the surface isn’t completely flat, this could lead to bumps and dips in the shingles. Fortunately, most shingles will correct themselves with warmth and time.