My new websites.... opinions please

If you guys could check it out and give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciate

Lot of good keywords and content for ‘Netstuffers’ to be found by anybody looking for them, that’s for sure. :shock:
In the second picture, you should have pointed out what an improper, warranty ending installation looks like. Especially after a storm.

No Analytics anywhere.
OK site.

Just my humble opinion:

Too many words, too small of print.

Your average homeowner doesnt want to wade thru tons of type to get to the point. Mix it up with different fonts, sizes, even colors of text.

Or spread out the info to more pages, with more pictures. Remember, it has to catch the eye of the average homeowner.

I think the font sizes and colors are fine. You do not want to get too ‘busy’ with that type of stuff.

Images can be used better however. One especially is a call-to-action for your free estimate page. You have this buried ‘below-the-fold’ too. That needs to be moved up the page a bit.

Your phone number and area of operation needs to go in the header of the page. It should be one of the first things your visitor should see – big, boldly. Do not make them hunt for it.

So would I find you under Insurance, or Roofing?

where’s your harness?

keywords I find: indianapolis, indiana, indy, restoration, insurance claims, storm damage, repairs, roofing, roofers, family owned, storm assessments, gutter repair, free estimate, free inspection, home inspection, noblesville roofing, fishers roofing, carmel roofing