My ODD contractor did one thing SMART

we have an old door in the back of the house;a rear entry. one guy suggested we just order anew slab where he can just copy the hinge cuts and bores. my contractor said not to do that because its an old door and frame so how the heck would we cut a fiber glass door if the opening is’nt square. he said it would be much easier to order a pre hung.
do you guys agree with him?


Why don’t you use one of your existing threads for this non roof related …stuff.

yeahi agree. this madman has got the best of me though.

It only goes as far as you allow it.
Who is in control here anyway?


A pre-hung door is the way to go.

To hang a door in the exisiting opening you have to be able to fit the door to the opening. You will need to use a solid wood door for this. Depending how far out the existing frame is will tell you if you can even use a slab door.