My roof in Japan?

I am building a house here in Japan and I am not completly satisfied with the look of the roof. Maybe I just don’t know what I am looking at or just being a worry wart. What do you think? I put some pictures up on my homepage. If you see any problems please let me know.

Here is the link

Thank you so much

You might want to re-calculate the ventilation and consult your local building codes.

WOW lack there of. I think there might not be a warranty on this roof what do you think Aaron?

There are atually two vents on the roof. And what are the specifics about the problems that you see. I would appreciate it a lot. And by the way I am not the roofer. We had “pros” do it but I am less than happy with it and would just like some second and third opinions about it. Then I will complain to the contractor. There are a few things that I think are not right but I am not a roofer. So I would like some honest opinions. I am in Japan and the inspection by the government is surely lacking but the house is a Canadian imported home by Viceroy so it should pretty good. And as for the vent the main roof is about 900 square feet and the other only 300 SQF. The main roof has about a 4 foot vent and the same is on the other roof. Actually it may be a bit longer. There are also soffits all the way around the house. They used perforated fiber cement to accomplish this.

what are you not happy with in perticular? the shingles themselves look good. they look like a very fresh install that has not had time to settle down with the sun. i just dont understand what the heck that scaffold system is?

I am a bit worried about the hip and ridge shingles. They don’t seem to lie flat and some look like they are cracked? We live in an area with some Typhoons but they are usually only cat 1 or 2. The scalfolding is how they build houses here. They put it up and then build the house. It really is nice. I as the owner can go around and see everything and check it. It is also safe for the builders.

on this home you need more ventilations period 4 feet voids shingle warranty period.

There is more than 4 feet. The four feet is only on one ridge. All together there is about 9-10 feet with about a 3-4 inch(in cm) opening in the ridge for a total of about 350-400 square inches. And according to the 300/1 rule this is more than enough as the attic square footage is only about 1200 square feet. Am I not correct? I could be, but the house was designed in Canada and they did all of the calculations there. Maybe the Canadian code is

looks good to me.


If the attic is 1200 sq feet then here is how it is done. SIze of cut shall be no more than 1 inch per side unless ridge beem is there than 1 1/2 is allowable. Heres a question do you have soffit vents?

1200/300x144/2/18=16 feet of ridge vent needed.

1200/300x144/2/56=5.14 rounding up 6 soffit vents at minimum.

The roof is not ventilated correctly by any standards. The size of the cut in the ridge will not make any more or less airflow thru a ridge vent. The larger the opening only thing you get is a risk of leakage.

The house has soffit vents all the way around. They used perforated fiber cement board all the way around the house. The board has 1 cm holes. And as for the ridge vent it is about 10 feet.

it does appear that they actually folded the caps …i dont like that method, i just give them a slight arch.

Is folding bad or is it just the preference of the roofer? Should I be worried about it?

i would think that it would compromise the integrety of the shingle…(hence the cracks) but im not sure because i dont do it.