My roofing gun broke! out air is coming out the back?

it is a porter cable rn175a it is only 2 months old. 2 of my guns are doing the same thing they where acting up yesterday then today they both started letting air out the back at a a steady pace. i took one apart with the 4 bolts on the back and cleaned out some condensation. i have done this before and it was good but today it hapend again and again.i have them a part right now and am cleaning them out real good. what do i need to do?and what is that ruber part that is held in with that singel bolt on the back?i think it has a spring in it.

Honestly dont take this the wrong way but dont buy poter cable roofing guns they are not very good.

Those that do not roof should not throw stones.

I have all Porter cable guns that have thousands of squares applied. No problems with them, but for lack of maintenance.

Those that broke only broke because bolts would come loose over time, nobody would tighten them before use, and the bolts would fall out.

Other than that and condesation icing in the gun, no problems. The icing can lead to air leaks and destroy the rubber seals.

Wadman, where are you located? Do you make sure to lube your gun a lot? I oil them 3 times a day…before start, during break/lunch, and when finished.

Hey Aaron i still lay a shingle or two from time to time. I got a senco thats about 7 years old and a hatichi.


Proter Cable guns are a good gun. They do not need a lot of matenince. Getting replacement parts in a timely manner is the only problem I have found with them. So I do not use them.

I will not buy anything Senco. They changed their model about 7 or 8 years ago. Stopped selling parts for that model at the same time. Left me with a box of guns that I could not fix. They will never do that to me again.

they are working good right now. i realy dryed them out.there was some dirt in the spring loded part in the black back part of the gun. thank for your help.