My Titanium Synethetic felt leaking

See the video I made of titanium product leaking with soap water, and NO FASTNERS. The Titanium company told me the leak was from fastners, now I prove the product LEAKS without fastners, on its own!

Has anyone else seen this issue?

It’s not meant to be flat, soaked with puddles od water for extended periods of time.
Have used udl underlay extensively, no issues even during heavy downpours on slight slopes(4/12). What are you fastening it with?


But if it leaks without fastners on flat surfaces it means it leaks. I tried a couple of other products and they don’t leak. Only the UDL 30 and 25 leak in this test.
i tried out 3 of the 5 rolls. Could it be a defect?

I would guess defective rolls or possibly the “soap” you added caused it.

I’ve used Titanium UDL30 for quite some time now (10 yrs or more) and have had absolutely no problems with it of any kind.

1 new build was under Titanium UDL30 for over a year without a single leak on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan.
The Titanium stood up to everything Mother Nature could throw at it for over a year.

I normally use & prefer Certainteed DiamondDeck because it holds chalk lines much better but in absolute terms I firmly believe that Titanium UDL30 is one of the best synthetics on the market, if not the best.

_ If you fasten it with staples it will leak, if you fasten it with plastic cap nails/staples it will not leak unless there is a breech in the material in another way._

A friend of mine has had his ice shanty wrapped & roofed with TitaniumUDL30 for something like 6-8 yrs and the stuff is still in really good shape.

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Thanks, i had some old titanium udl, and it looks different than this new stuff. I am wondering if they changed anything.

I tried the test again on some older titanium udl I had left over on an old job. I can’t figure out the date of it, but it looks different than this new stuff.
It also passed the water test where as all this new stuff did not.

Anyone use any new stuff?

I tried three more rolls and it looks like this product is leaking. TigerPaw did not leak at all, nor did Diamond Deck. I did get leaks in Deck Armor though.

Definitely a product issue!