My walls are wet

:cry: A year after hurricane Katrina, my walls in my mobile home is wet. I have a roofer coming out tomorrow but my adjuster came out 3 weeks ago and said it was a manufactor defect… My uncle which is a contractor came tonight and found a few holes in the shingles and said that the edge of the roof was not done correct. The water when it rains has no where to run and is going back into the wall. What can i do, I’m very upset

call the mfg for warranty work if it the original roof. if they do not take the case, find a local reputable roofer with a history of service equal or similar to your scope of work.

yeah sounds like you have a mobile home with very little slope, with shingles on it.
not good.

your goin to allways have problems with shingles.
so when you can you need to switch to a torchdown roof, or
peal n stick.
a flat roof material.

good luck.