*** Mystery Shingle ***

Hi - During Sandy storm, found a piece of shingle in the front yard. It does match the rest of the shingles on the roof. The shingle has a curve to it. It almost looks like its from the valley.
I have looked with a pair of bonaculars and cannot find where it belongs to. One side of the piece looks like it’s teared off and the other is clean cut. I have attached a picture.

Any help is appreciated.

The shingle is upside down.Flip it over and it looks like either a limited or a lifetime weathered wood architectural shingle to me.Maybe a Timberline Mission Brown.

It has a funky cut across the exposure.Maybe from a rake to gutter short course transition ? Those curves could be gods way of playing a trick on you.That could be from the shingle bouncing from roof to roof,off cars,trucks,trees etc.

Owens Corning
take your pick.

All the reputable shingle companies have a designated nail line (chalk line), this shingle has none. That’s not to say it never had one, but there isn’t even a trace of one.

Do you have a certain piece of roof that has two different eve edges, one lower than the other? I suspect this shingle came from the upper section right at the eve edge.