Nail length in caps

Wondering what everyone feels is an appropriate length nail for ridge caps. No vent. If you have 30 year arcs on a tear-off, I’m assuming most guys are using 1.25 nails. Will you put these in the caps too or go to 1.5? What about caps like timbertex with the thick nail area?

Your nails should be long enough to penetrate the sheathing. You’ll have to factor in the thickness of the sheathing

We hand nail all our cap with 2" nails.
Ridgevent gets hand nailed with 3" nails.

1 1/2" nails will be fine, I just use 2" nails because that is what I buy for general hand nail stock.

I don’t like to use nail guns for caps because the nails tend to deflect sideways more often, and you can get spots that are driven farther than others making it look a little puckered in some spots.

1 1/4 normally.
1 1/2 for thicker cap or where 2 hips meet a ridge.
2 1/2 for ridgevent. 3" are ok too but not essential for a quality job.

thanks guys
Axiom, I have been considering hand nailing all my caps lately for that same puckering reason. I think it may even be easier cause on steep pitches it seems like I’m always about to drop my gun anyway.