Nail overs

Do manufactures give a warranty of any kind when nailing shingles over shingles? We as a company do not and will not do a nail over but can not find anything about what the manufacturers say

Yep, they not only warranty them, they instruct you on the different methods for doing it.

They do warranty them. But I dislike layovers very much. I am never happy with the end product. I won’t do them anymore.

So would you walk if the homeowner insists?

Depends on how many penetrations etc…
If it is all open then I suppose it isn’t quite as bad, I just have a strong dislike towards them.

So do I, but I do make sure to undo the flashings to make sure water flows properly.

Any new roof is best starting with a fresh deck, but sometimes funding, or situation, or any other number of things can prevent it.

I completely agree. If anything I will at least replace all vent flashings, and take apart all of the flashing kits on skylights, and things of the like.

As far as I’m concerned, the most common areas that a roof leaks is in and around flashings. These are the areas that are most commonly neglected when adding a second layer.

On all of my jobs, at the end of the job I am happy with the end result. And am proud of the job. That just isn’t the case when I do a layover.

I’ve done several over the years at homeowners request.No warranty from me whatsoever.Cut back rake edges,dig out flashings or replace,clean roof thoroughly and nail down or cut out bumps or wrinkles.Remove ridgecap and use 1 3/4 nails.Make sure there is adequate ventilation.I always advise h/o of the cons of layovers,like reduced life expectancy of their roof.If thats what they want I’ll do it,I don’t charge much less.Cheap homeowners don’t want to pay the extra few hundred bucks for the warranty and much better roof.Doesn’t make sense to me :?

I still give our standard 5-year warranty with a lay-over. this covers the same as my tear off/er-rood warranty, with the exception of ice dam issues since without tearing off, you can’t effectively install ice barriers.

We havent done nailovers since the eightys.

Up until late last year, i refused to do them. but with a few homeowners REALLY needing a cheap roof, I did a couple, and did them the “right way” and saved them enough money to get it done correctly.

never really liked the idea, but local code here allows 2 layers.

:roll: out here in Buffalo ny if there is not any ice and water shield and its one layer we have to remove the first layer 3 to 6 ft and install ice and water shield then shingle . I dont like this code if we have to remove part of the roof we might as well remove the whole thing because then i have to build it up so it dose’nt have that hump where the new layer meets the old …