Nail placement ? on Archets shingles

Ok I was trying to get pics of the gutter for my other post and noticed when on the ladder that some of the shingles I can see the edge of the nail under the shingle thats over the first course. In other words they nailed the first course right thru where the shingle is double thickness then put the next course on top of that shingle. Well the edge of the second course just barley covers the nail head. Shouldn’t these be nailed back further where it is only one layer thick ? I don’t have leaks or anything but this looks weird. Should I put a dab of tar on the heads or just leave them as they are probably sealed thru the ice and water shield ?? I always thought they got nailed further back but maybe if that were the case thy would be more apt to have the wind rip them off ?? Thanks guys !

Sounds like the shingles are nailed EXACTLY where they should be.

In the past I have torn off roofs that were still perfectly good, many years left in them…
For no other reason other than the homeowner wanted a different color or style of shingle.
There is nothing wrong with this.
If you would like a new roof for whatever reason, you can have one.
You don’t have to wait until it looks bad or fails…
Your roof is only 1\2 way through it’s life, it should still look good…
But you won’t post any pics…
You don’t need a reason to get a new roof, just wanting one is reason enough.
Perhaps you should contact a reputable roofer in your area and ask for a roof inspection, tell them that you are willing to pay for this…
See what they say.
Posting pictures would help though.

I would be gald to post pics but I can’t get them to post, any suggestions ? I do not want a new roof ( well maybe a metal roof :slight_smile: )I just cant believe the nails should just be just barely under the edge of the course over. You dont nail 3 tabs that close to the edge do you ? Why wouldn’t water wick under the edge and follow the nail thru the roof ? Maybe I just dont understand the whole idea but i thought they should have been nailed further back so as to be sure they were coberd by the top shingel at least a few inches ?? Oh well thank you

I think the pics need to be .jpg to work on this site.

anyway you should never see nails. the manufactures web sights will give you diagrams with exact measurements of were the nails belong and the over lap.

if it will give you peace of mind you can put a little goo on them. just try not to make it to noticable. i prefer tar, caulks can stay shiny.

in any case it is what it is. you cant change the placement of the nails now and you are not the only person with this problem by far.

you should be ok

isn’t this an area for a leak around the nail if not tarred ? Also answer me this; if you lay the first course and nail it where the shingle is double thickness which is where you say it should be nailed. Then you put the second course on and the joint is stagered like it should be to the shingle joint below. Where the second couse shingles butt end to end whats to say where that butt joint is there may be a nail right under that butt joint by chance that is holding the first course down, wouldn’t water leak in that nail because the butt joints are not water tight ??

look it is not rocket science. people with few skills have been putting roofs over there heads for a long time.
if you can see a nail it can and will leak at some point. where the nail is on the roof will determine how likely it is to leak.

think of it this way

if a perfectly installed roof will last 30 years than every mistake the installer makes takes years off the top. the bigger the mistake the more years.

i have seen many exposed nails not leak. the problems become more evident as the shingle dryout in the end of their lifespan. spreading solvent based products over the roof is not good either.

i am just saying unless you are going to put on a new roof and stand there with binoculars and watch every nail your choices are few.

1 tar every nail head you see.
2 let it go.

you are going to make your self crazy you don’t know a guy named bread by any chance. :smiley:

thanks Horse, I sure dont want any leaks. Isn’t there a chance that again there could be a nail under the butt joint ? Also would the ice and water help seal the nail shank even if I see the head ?? The only thing I can figure is the first 2 courses seem to be where I see a few nail heads just under the edge of the top shingle. I will try and tar dab alll I can see. If they are under the edge of the upper shingle should I leave it alone ? It sure sucks to be anal :mrgreen: Thanks again guys

Before you do anything post a picture. Or email them to us. Either way. This way we are clear on what you are saying. If you are going to break the seal of the shingles that is a bad thing. Just post or email us pics and then do what you gotta do. If they are visible without touching anything then you can seal it with something like solar seal or geocell. Tar will dry out in around 18 to 24 months the then crack and you will be in the same position. The 2 sealants i mentioned cost around 5 dollars per tube. ANd they can only be purchased at a roofing supply house, not home depot. Home depot does not have anything that is designed for sttep slope roofing other than tar and like i said that will not last if exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

I will try the pic. I did not have to break the seal again the nail is just barely under the edge of the upper shingle, so i just took a thin knife and put the tar dab on the head. I dont think the sun can hit it as it is again just under the edge. It seems to be just the first 2 courses and not every shingle either. I will send you the pic thanks, hopefully you will see what I mean in the pic

GTP check your e-mail, maybe YOU can post them here. Thanks again for all the help and advise

Ok i looked at your pics. There is nothing out of the normal install there. The nail is less than 1/3 visibile. Might it leak probablt not. I hope you are not giving your roofer a problem over this. Because fi you figure in installing about 15000 nails in that roof to hold it together 1 or 2 might be showing a thrid of the head. It does happen. i would relax knowing it will be ok.

No im not giving him a problem I just asked for a full refund, only kidding he is a friend of mine and has been roofing for 35 years. He said its probably the lower 2 courses as they wer probably working upside down not off a ladder. I put tar dabs on all I culd find. It seems as though where you see them the upper shingle was not brought down far enough. Also the nail is thru the ice and water so it should seal anyway right ? I only found one above the second course.Whacha think of the gutter ? Thanks for the look

welcome to the wounderfull would of 2 peace demensional shingles.
the nails have to peirce both peaces, which puts them
rite at the bottom edge of the next shingle.

this is why i say its better to see a couple of low
nails. that tells me someone is tryin to get them
in the rite spot.

the shingles will blow off easier if nail high.