Nailing front edge of synthetic slate to fix curling?

My contractor remedied our Ecostar synthetic slate that didn’t lay down to our satisfaction after installation by hand nailing the front edge of those area.
Is this acceptable in the industry and does it/will it adversely affect the integrity of our roof?
Thank you


I think if you have to come on here and ask that question, you already know the answer.

JBS, Im with Jason on this one. That jacklegger contractor probably just voided your warranty with Carlisle. You never face nail! Especially in the ice belt area. Tell that jackleg he owns your roof now. He should of contacted Carlisle and had a factory rep come out and make a decision. Goodluck, Id be pissed.

How old is this roof? Heard stories of curling plastic/rubber shingles but they were older installs.

Brand new. Was told they would lay down when it got hot, but didn’t happen so he nailed the fronts down.

There is a specific bending procedure for ecostar shingles, unless they have changed something in the past 6 months. You are supposed to “bend” the shingle before install so that it will lay flat after nailing.
He probably neglected to do this. And he probably could have fixed it by pulling a few shingles and doing it.

Oh that is unreal. How many shingles did he ruin? All those shingles need to be torn out.

I can’t comment on Carlisle products as I use only DaVinci for composite roofing, but that aside anyone with the right sense of roofing will tell you that he pretty much ruined your warranty. It will say right in your documentation that there can not be any exposed fasteners at all. If the composite was still sticking up then have a representative or regional manager come take a look.


Here is a link to the installation instructions.

Make sure that you read all of it but pay close attention to numbers 3,4, and 8.
We did one a couple of years ago and had to jump through all the bells and whistles. Sounds like your contractor screwed up big time. He needs to replace the slate on his own dime.


A Carlise rep said they don’t put there name on Eco-star anymore it was only a few year contract with them to use there name. I have used a little primer and seam tape to stick them down, they also sell and adhesive for this problem. If you bend before application you should’nt have a problem to begin with.

Face nailing them is ridiculous. at $300 a square that is an expe$ive f#ck up.