Nails 2 long

A few weeks back I had the roof on my house and a separate garage across the street replaced. Everything went fine and looks good!
The garage that is separate from the house has a walk up storage area. I just went up to the storage area for the first time and noticed that the nails were sticking thru the boards. The problem with this is that the ceiling is rather low and this could be a potential accident waiting to happen (with hundreds of nails sticking thru) I am assuming that the roofer possibly used 1 1/2 nails instead of 1 1/4 nails.

Is this normal? Can I do anything now to fix the problem? Would bending each nail over with a hammer affect the roof?


Since you didnt advise the roofer of the garage roof needing to be accessed

He had no clue that the nails going through the decking would be exposed and possibly harmfull to anyone that goes into the attic

Suggest NOT bending, however you can cut them off with a drill and grinding wheel

This should make it easy to do and safe for you to access the garage once again. This shouldnt be a problem either for the shingles

Pending on the type of nail used, gun or hand nailed. A gun has barbed wire that holds the nail from backing out, a regular roofing nail has ridged edges designed to keep them from pulling back out

Heat is a factor in nails pulling back out of a deck

Just make sure your vented properly, even though its a garage

Just my 2 cents

Exposed over hangs on residential roofs sometimes have to have a roofer use 3/4" nails to avoid busting through the roof decking. Finger busters!!


I would not cut the nails off. Your head should not be up in the rafters. Nail some cardboard to the rafters.