Nails exposed on the roof

Hi everyone. A newbie first time home buyer here. We just moved in into a new construction and although new construction I still have it inspected and one of the issues the inspector found is that exposed nail heads on the roof. The builder seems then just put silicone on some of them and did not do any thing on some please see the picture. On the left one there is some caulk and on the right screw (it is black) there is nothing. I feel that this is not done properly and they did it to save the day. Any suggestions how should I follow up? Thanks.!

Its standard practice to face nail the last cap shingles. Most people just caulk over the nails. Personally I like to caulk then drop some loose shingle grit over the caulk to blend it in.

Thank you for your reply so you are saying that this is a sufficient way to caulk it with silicone. Do I need to check them once a while to reseal it or will they survive as much as the roof itself?

It wouldn’t hurt to check if from time to time. I’d wager that 99% of people don’t however. Its also at an area of the roof that see the least amount of water.

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