Nails protruding from open eaves

A neighbor guy did his own re-roof. He wanted me to see it so I went over. The first thing I saw when I looked up under his open eaves was scads of nails protruding from the beautiful white shiplap. Please tell me this is not standard installation protocol.

No it’s not, he should have used shorter nails over those areas with exposed eaves.

Standard No? A PROFESSIONAL Roofing Contractor would have adjusted the depth of his nails when the roof deck is exposed from the bottom side. Typically we will use 7/8" hand nails in these areas where the substrate is exposed, instead of the 1 1/4" nails which are typical.

7/8’s in Arcs?? they even long enough?

You can use 7/8" fasteners on overhangs and open soffit and still maintain full manufacture warranties.You can only use them in those areas but all field shingles or anywhere unrelated has to have 1"1/4’s.

Exactly, and by the way when we use the 7/8" nails we will add additional nails.

Tell your neighbor to start clipping nails. Nasty job. When they rust they’ll really look bad.