Name the item required?


I live in a semi built in 1936. The roof was secured to prevent roof spread/spay with steel wires. Over the years the wires rusted and to combat roof spread wood was used as a replacement to these braces this has worked well, but has meant a loss of roof space. I want to get this space back by placing metal bracing lower down the roof frame connecting to the ceiling joists. I know I can buy these brackets/braces but don’t know what they are called or if they are standard size??? I am not looking to do a roof conversion just get back the space for storage without having to dodge the existing bracing.

Thanks for the help.

Please post a few pictures so i can get an idea of what it is you are talking about. Thanks

Hope this explains what i’m trying to convey?

The brace is fitted mid way up rafter.

The old bracing wires would have been attached to the roof struts on one side of the roof to the other side to stop the roof splaying out. But I don’t need to tell you guys that do I? :slight_smile:

I would not suggest removing those. They support the load of the roof at the mid section. Where your picture is drawn the very small support would do nothing since they are connected a few feet away. I would suggest going to the local building office in your city and chatting with an inspector before doing anything.


Could you draw where the wires were. If I understand you correctly. What you call braces did not take the place of the wires. There is no way they are doing the job of the wires.

Is there a wall under what you call the braces?

Hi! No there isn’t a wall. As for a picture showing the wires I did not see how the wires were attached sorry that was an assumption on my part.

Looks like i’ll have to struggle with the lack of space. unless anyone has an idea for getting round this. as I said I ain’t looking at a conversion so don’t want to go to any real expense and if that means not being any other way round the problem but to leave them in place then I guess thats what i’ll have to do.

Thanks for the advice guys if anyone has a workable idea for getting round this though post up thanks.

Regards Bill

I have to add something here. I have never seen wires in place of wood in that area of an attic ever. When they are wood they are mid bracing normally hooked into a wall or something. As far as removing them i still would not suggest that due to structural problems that could arise. SOrry with i could have helped more.

No probs buddy the info you gave was valuble and thats why I asked, I didn’t want to start doing anything without checking out the pros & cons.

BTW what would the steel wires have been used for do you think???


The steel wires, if they were in the same place as the what you are calling braces, were for supporting the ceiling. Since you say there are no walls beneath the braces, I am lead to believe they suspended the ceiling.

I have seen this done to give larger room size.

I think the wires when originaly in wher going from one side of the roof to the other possibly from truss to truss holding them ridgered to prevent roof splay.

Anyway as there is not much head room in the loft it is only useful for storage so I am just going to put crawl bords up there.

I’m always doing one job or another round the house so i’ve book marked this site and i’ll just pop in for advice.

Thanks for the advice though peeps.

Regards Bill