Naming my roofing company

Here is what i came up with.
Four corners
Which one is better. I like BUST beacuase its easy to remember but my wife doesnt like it. Four corners was a idea my uncle came up with but it allright. What do you think. Feedback would be great.

It,s taken here in buffalo 8)

Thought you already did that with your high paying roofs. Now you dont have a name? How are you working without one?

Whatever you name it, start it with an A. You want to be as close to the begining or top of the list as possible. Phone books, advertising, lists, being the first or at least one of the first names will definetly give you an edge over the competition…at least in people seeing your name or picking you out.

haha…BUST sounds like something that might happen if they pick a company with that name. sounds like a bad idea to me.

BUST sounds like the company might go BUST or you have gotten BUST-ed or you BUST-ed out or just plain you can tell your custoimers go with us or i will BUST u !!

Doesn’t sound like a winner to me but that is the American way - name it what you like !!

My favorite: TWO GUYS AND A TARP. always thought that was great.

Besides GTapes idea of a letter A i suggest a name with a highly used word in it .

I am sure it will help with intenet ranking

Also agree as BUST giving the impression is something illegal waiting to get BUSTED

AAA ROOFING would get you near 1st in the phone book :wink:

You could go with something related to your name (“Jones Roofing”), but IMO that’s a 50 / 50 good / bad:

–Good because you can use a tagline similar to “We put our name on every job” or “Our name stands behind our work”, etc.

–Bad because there are a LOT of co’s who use their last name & it sorta lacks imagination.
–Bad because you might have a last name that doesn’t lend itself to a good co. name (long, difficult to spell or pronounce).
–Bad because you might have a last name that doesn’t suggest quality, i.e. Loserman or Bungle, etc.

Other ideas will point directly to something about quality.

Reliable Roofing
4 Seasons Roofing
First Choice Roofing
Lifetime Roofing

& Then there are names related to your region or state - Sunshine State Roofing would work for Gweedo (IMO, Gweedo is too close to Guido which somewhat evokes the New Jersey transplant thing which in Florida can have some negative suggestions to some people).

I use the name Ranch Hand Roofing & that is good for me & my region due to the horse / outdoorsy thing & to some that evokes a steady, sure, consistent & reliable feeling (@ least in the limited polling I’ve done).

Good luck with it & let us know what you decide on.

I like “Tar-dini Roofing”!

Your logo should be a confused looking illegal alien poking his head out of a bucket of Karnak Ultra-19.

mc kenzie bros. roofing…eh?

[quote=“timothy_71”]BUST sounds like the company might go BUST or you have gotten BUST-ed or you BUST-ed out or just plain you can tell your custoimers go with us or i will BUST u !!

Doesn’t sound like a winner to me but that is the American way - name it what you like !![/quote]

that what my wife said. But ive decided to go with bust roofing.
Up here we have a term we use when we work are asses off. Thats BUST.
“Im gonna bust today so i can relax this weekend” Or im gonna “bust ass”. I had a boss that told me, work like a mexican but i dont want to call it work like a mexican.
We bust for you.
There alot of cheesy roofing names up hers so i figure who cares about the name. Its the price. And i know for a fact i have the best price. And the highest paid roofer in the land. So they BUST for me.
I like the term and im going with it.

Obviously this is 100% your choice.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

PS: We also have the term “bust” down here in the States, aka “Busting Ass”… doesn’t mean it’s going to translate in the mind of the potential customers.

Wow buster I would re-think your thoughts. Oh and for future ref. having the best price does not sell jobs.

I am a homeowner/customer and not a roofer!

Being a conscious consumer, I would and have choose a roofing company due to the following:
-good proven reputation in the area - quality work
-professionalism while dealing with customer - very very important
-product knowledge

So…a business name does matter a whole lot to me!


If I was not a conscious buyer and just calling randomly - I would be much more apt to get a quote from a name like - ‘4 seasons roofing’ - ‘reliable roofing’ - and not along the lines of ‘Cool Hand Luke roofing’ or ‘Fat Joes roofing and more’

Marketing and picking a good name is pretty important!
Also, in the construction business it is very important to have a person that can deal with customers (very good people skills). In the past, I have not hired many contractors…due to not being able to communicate with me properly! I am sure the work would be good - but I want good communication skills, so I can deal with them before and after the work is completed AND feel comfortable! Just by looking at this site - I could tell you who has good communication skills and who may lacking! I am sure all good roofers but it matters to me!

I have a friend who is a great carpenter but he is terrible at communicating with his customers. Forgets to call back - may start late and forgets to communicate with the customer! Luckly he stays very busy due to his reputation of being one the best carpenters in the area!

Just my 2 cents from the other side!

So what does sell a roof. I find the best roofer and give the most i can. Alot more than any other compay would give them. I have the lowest prices due to having good conections with supplyers and my wife grampa owns a trucking company. I get the picker prices good.
Im just a roofer that has worked in the industry in Calgary and know that the jobs can be done better and cheaper.
Id prefer the roofers making money not the owners.

[quote=“roofing buster”]

you should be very succesful then :shock:

I could say is its a poor choice of names bud but if you have already locked in the name sloganize it . somthing like this Bust roofing dont go topless with a hoy chic holding up her top. or just the slogan but its not a good choice.

that was with a hot chic