Necessity of Ventilation and Paper

Recently went to estimate a roof, simple 4 hip stlye with one dormer. The roof is roughly 4 years old by the owners estimation. Went to check things out in there inferno attic thinking it was going to be a repair.

They showed me where the leaks, and I was suprised to see daylight coming in through the shingles. From the inside I noticed there was no paper and no ventilation, but still I thought that after only four years, the daylight I was seeing had to be from somebody putting staging brackets up for a repair and never sealing the holes.

So, I set up a ladder to go up and investigate the shingles… to my suprise, 4 year old (looked like 20 yr 3 tabs, I think its a couple years older) was shot! Cracks spanning the length of the roof from where the moisture needed to escape.

I think had the roofer done at least one of the two, this roof wouldve AT LEAST lasted ten years. I’ve torn roofs off with no ventilation that lasted, and I’ve torn roofs of that had no paper that lasted. Just amazing. I’ve never seen shingles fail so prematurely!

what kind of shingles are they? IKO by any chance?


J.Bennette Roofing INC

not metric. theyre that slate blend (green purple mix) color, dont think they weren’t fiberglass either. Maybe Georgia Pacific is all I can think of.

[quote=“Roofslater”]what kind of shingles are they? IKO by any chance?


J.Bennette Roofing INC[/quote]


WHatever it is they are junk.

Update, customer went with me and is ripping, soffit vents, ridge vents, Timberline Ultra. Good boy! I like Certainteed, but he liked that new blue color they added, as well as the Midnight Green. Whatever. GAF is fine by me. Those craftsmanship warrantees feel so much better when theyre willing to do it right!