NEED A DOCUMENTED CREW FOR 10,000 Squares in Arkansas

We are looking for a LARGE roofing crew to lay 10,000 squares of roofing in Arkansas. Must be able to provide I-9s. Must be skilled in flat roof TPO installations. This is a new construction job. Please email me if you can do this job. The pay is $400,000.00- Job is starting in July 2020.

$40 per square for flat? I’m on my way!

I’ll do it for $39 per square

I’m not familiar with flat roof prices ,what is the average rate for subcontractor on new construction? 40 per sq seems very low.

That is extremely low but some people are dazzled by big jobs.

I’m in for a buck two fiddy! Maybe by documented he means EBT and green cards…

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You think? Valid or not just show me something

The illegals I’ve talked to work for cash only. The wives claim that they are single and getting all the free shit they can. I asked one why they didn’t all get together and take back their country, he smiles at me and says “why? we already have yours” I had to agree…

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Will you send me your phone number via email?

Are you still looking for Roofers?
80 Documented Roofers ready.

Nationwide Roofing Sub-Contractor with
over 25 years of experience
specializing in severe storm damage renovation.

Effectively able to communicate with teams of many workers over numerous worksites nationwide.

Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Military Base

•Roofing Repair Specialist
•Conversant in Spanish
•Customer Service
•Regulatory Compliance
•Historical restoration
•First Aid/CPR

Noe Ochoa
4100 Parkdale St. # 3209
San Antonio, Tx. 78229