Need a professional opinion

Ok So we just got our roof redone. There had been a bad leak around the chimney and it did a lot of damage. The Master Roofer that did the job left a huge hole where the wood had all rotted and just decked over the top of it. There is no wood there to support any of the roof in that area or to attach the trim, fascia, or soffit to. He is telling me this is standard practice and it’s fine to be left that way. I am of the opinion that the there should have be wood covering the hole to support the 7/16" osb decking and attach the trim and soffit. Any comments will be helpful. Thank you

Do you have a picture of after ?


The picture isn’t perfect but it looks to me like you should be fine. Looks like what is missing is you need to install some soffit board under the area of concern. It looks like there were 2 or 3 rafters that extended to the outside wall that should be sufficient to support the new sheet of decking.

Looks like he installed fascia to frame in his new sheeting.
Yep, that is all he is responsible for.
Not responsible for soffit, painting, siding, gutters, framing, drywall,

Only the wood that his roofing directly touches…
And no we dont paint it.
If i do, it is for free and Not part of the job.

So a span that wide with no support is going to last and not sag in a couple years? and there is nothing there to attach the soffit board to.

The contract he signed did include all repairs to roof ,fascia and soffit

A soffit man will easily take care of it.
No sweat.

Do I find him at

Siding contractor.
Or handyman.

So he gets paid for it but I have to do it myself?

Soffit and fascia subcontractor.
Siding contractor.

So you are saying he gave you a proposal to replace rotten soffit?

I never do that.
I am not responsible for anything that my roofing isnt nailed into.

I’m saying he signed a contract to repair or replace any damage to the roof ,fascia, and soffit , But just in this area because there was so much damage.

you dont expect him to replace the ceilings
On the inside.
He is not responsible for the ceilings on the outside either.

Unless he proposed to do it and then didnt do it.

He put a roof on!
Yes, you do still have soffit, siding, caulking, painting that you still need to address.( on the outside)
Along with your list for the inside.

What does it say in the contract exactly? Be patient and you will get a good answer.

If I am understanding correctly. You are saying, there is a large gap between rafter tails leaving no lumber to attach the soffit or facsia to. How big is the gap? 16", 24" some other measurement? If you had bad rafters the rafters should have been replaced or new rafter tails sistered in.

I’ve read everything you stated the so called "master roofer"was responsible to repair. Roof, fascia and soffit. Looks like he did not address the soffit. Personally just as a matter of integrity I would have spliced to the existing rafter tails, nailed the OSB on top of those, added new fascia and soffit and applied a cart of primer to the soffit and fascia. Now you have a sizable hole providing access to squirrels, and other critters where there should be soffit. I would ask him to finish the job before paying. Even if he didn’t figure to go that far he should have notified you that there would perhaps be more cost associated with a complete repair. Half-assed in my opinion.