Need a Quick Answer - if possible

Me again – Megan. Could someone give me a “quick” answer – what is the difference in price of 3/8" and 1/2" Plywood? Also, has anyone put on/or seen GAF Prestique 30 BARKWOOD? From the sample that I was given, it looks like a Dark Brown w/Tan… but pictures of it on the Internet on a House looked Brownish-Orange (I am trying to stay away from the Orange). Would Barkwood look good on a Creme Siding?


I would not recomend 3/8 plywood…Barkwood would look Great w/cream siding.

weathered wood is also a nice choice w/cream, but it is your home not mine on my home I would use osb for sheething and Hicory for shingles.

I just finished talking with the 2nd Contractor. He said he doesn’t really see the need for a Baffled Ridge Vent – but I insisted that is what I want… so he is going to price that. He, too, is an OSB person…the situation is that if I just get a few pieces of plywood replaced, it will have to be 3/8" to be compatible with what is currently on the house. Of course, if it is ALL replaced, I will go with 1/2". He also was not planning on installing a ice/water shield membrane – so I insisted that I wanted that also. So, based on that, what is the difference in price of 3/8" plywood and 1/2 plywood and 1/2 OSB ? Thanks

Look in your phone book and call the local supply house or lumber yard, that’s where he’s getting the wood from and prices fluctuate from region to region. As for colors, ask him to bring you a sample board or throw a swatch of about 8 shingle on your roof so you can see the true color.

IMO if you have 3/8" sheathing on your roof remove it now and replace with 5/8". You won’t be sorry.

I am in ne P.A. so the ice & water shield is a given…I have to say that if you get snow in your area that it should not be an option. The price you said before should include 2 layers off,new sheets 7/16 OSB, i&w shield 2 rows 15lb. felt paper,new drip edge, and 30yr architectural shingles, ridge vent and cap shingles. full clean up, and removal of all debris,and also any permits…

Usually, its a Supply and Demand issue. I have seen it where the thinner 3/8" plywood has cost more than the 1/2" CDX plywood.

Yes, if it is only a few sheets, use the same size to match.

Find a different roofing contractor too.


I have to agree w/Ed

Green looks good with creme siding.


I have to agree with that one also.

Absolutely, if more than just a few pieces have to be removed, go with the thicker 5/8".

The cost per sheet difference is not that much and the labor, except for the sheets being heavier to carry is the same.


3/8 inch sure is thin. Can’t recall ever being on a roof with that thin of sheating.

Like Ed said, try another contractor. No ice and water shield? He was kidding right?

There should be a GAF/ELK shingle close in color to the Landmark Burnt Sienna which is a dark brown shingle with some red. The Landmark which is brown with orange is Heather Blend. Most manufacturers make similar looking shingles with different names.

5/8 plywood is overkill unless the rafters are 24"on center…and the cost is also, but what ever blows your hair back…the gaf/elk color is Hickory.

Dougger, their is an entire town where I live, constructed in the late 50’s and early to end of the 60’s, which all were built using 3/8" or as more properly identified, 5/16" CDX plywood, (Post War Grade), on all of the homes.

Needless to say, every time we have to replace a roof on any of these homes, a 100% full decking replacement is required.

The cost per sheet is not that substantial to upgrade from 1/2" to 5/8", but the price any contractor charges usually goes up accordingly too.


we are currently in the middle of removing all the 3/8 cdx on a house and installing 1/2" with plywood clips. the GAF/ELK barkwood on cream is a sweet look. i have done 2 of them in that color this year and it looks great.

who uses 3/8" for decking again?


Some twsps. in P.A. have no permit, or inspections. I have ripped of 1 layyer about 10 yrs old.Found 2 layers of 3/8 plywood, I guess they told them that the sheets were just soft…lol. You can go over them… wet,rotten sheets+new dry sheets over the old =wet, rotten rafters…10 years later. That is why I walk away from shingle over the top jobs.