NEED ADVICE Nails only going into sheathing and many other problems too

Apologies for the double post.

Recently had a roof repaired in a 1920 home with plank style decking. There is at least 50 maybe a 100+ nails going into only the roofing company’s underlayment and not the wood. This is because the wood planks are not snug therefore a lot of nails would go through if a nail/s caught the missing plank’s line. The roof has passed inspection, surprisingly. The inspector didn’t even go inside to look at the roof underneath. I don’t think this roof is attached or nailed correctly but the company is saying the job is done since it’s passed inspection and insurance has also provided their monies. To add, they’ve now placed a lien on my property for the insurance monies amount! This has been a rather expensive roof, it seems like the quality of work was very low and I don’t feel they’ve installed this roof properly at all but I’m just a dude and it’s passed inspection! There’s been MANY other problems with installation too. Not asking or trying to pull anyone into a legal situation but WHAT DO I DO?!

Passing inspection doesn’t mean shit in our area. If that picture represents the majority of roof surface it is not up to any manufacturers standards and you can go after the roofer based on that.

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Cool, thanks. I’ll have to take more pictures to get the exact count. The roofer did offer to come out and rip up all the shingles and nail the shingle in a different spot so it hit wood. He’s going to be pulling up a lot of shingles. Sorta freakin out but it just doesn’t seem right. For some icing on the cake it’s costing me $3.5k for wood that was rotted which they were supposed to replace. Pay for the wood for them to get the wrong size and then only nail into the synthetic sheathing. :thinking:

Not going to lie though their contract that they make you sign gets you by the bolts right from the start. Sorta dissappointed in myself I signed and sorta didn’t know how serious a situation it was at the time & how serious a roofing project can become. I think they want to place the lien because it earns a 18% annual interest rate for the amount. Seriously, why. This roof cost me $17,200! I got quotes for a metal roof for $15k!

pic at 10:48 is drip edge on eave above paper or underlayment? looks like

I hope I’m answering the question but the drip edge at a corner of the roof that is supposed be cemented and then there is supposed to be a blue synthetic underlayment. I didn’t think the drip edge was crinkled correctly or enough cement was applied.

Apologies for the crap pictures; they’re all mostly screenshots from video I’ve taken.

i dont want point fingers,but in my experience as subcontractor for 6 years its common problem among roofing companies that main income is insurance claims and not referrals or retail(very hard to get to that point),they were paying less,less quality control,worse experience overall for me.
usually they get influx of jobs in short time because of some hail storm and storm chasing crews from south get it done quickly.
there is usually one guy that run multiple crews that takes chunk from crew paycheck and for what crew gets paid its not worth to slow down and renail shingle little bit upper to catch wood.or peek below rafter tail and make sure it doesnt buckle up,they’re just tuck it in and when its done ,in few days you get those buckled shingles along the stepflashing walls.

Hmmmm Asus_Versuta wise one. I’m in Florida and we had a lot of “hurricanes” come through so you’re likely correct. A little back story this has been a 5 month ordeal and still going, I guess. It was supposed to be done in a month. There was a maintenance code violation because the tarp was seen without a permit since the home is on a very popular street. They failed inspection I think two or three times for not meeting the permit and failed one inspection due to the wood not being layed properly in some way. Again, not sure how it passed the last inspection. I called a lot to get the job going. The roofers said they were doing about 8 roofs a week just getting people signed into contracts. I’m sorta shocked to find their reviews to be real but they are a rather large company in my area, spread throughout. It’s been a nightmare to say the least.

The morons violated code with that install. Only a 1/8" Gap between planks is allowed. That should have been redecked prior to installing the shingles.

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Yeah, it didn’t pass inspection a couple times because of this reason. Still not certain how it did but I believe it was a partial pass then it fully passed. They’re supposed to make it right so I’m happy at least they’re trying? I’ve attached the permits history. I can message the direct link if that helps.

I though California was bad, you have a dry in inspection… we don’t even have that. Sheathing and final here for the most part.

Fingers crossed for you they make it right.

If they have filed a lien and you believe there is a honest dispute on the quality of workmanship I would contact I lawyer and get advice on what steps need to be taken to deal with the lien.

It is hard to tell from your pictures but this seems like a pretty crappy install. You should first contact a manufacturer’s representative from the shingle manufacturer. They may come out and tell you if it is warrantable. Second you should review your contract to see what warranty they offered and if they are Certified by the manufacturer. GAF and Certainteed have “Master” installer programs the contractor must be a part of to get certain warranties. If they promised that warranty and did not follow manufacturer installation instructions or use all materials from that manufacturer your roof is not warrantable and they should be given a chance to correct it to fullfill their contract.

Additionally you can contact a Registered Roof Consultant in your area and see if they will make a report.

The lien is only valid if they fulfilled their contract and are not being paid, there should be a deadline for you to contest the lien, that is usually governed by state law. If they failed to send you a notice of furnishing your state may also say they do not have lien rights. If you made any partial payments you should also have requested a partial release of lien for those amounts.

Good luck.

Here are some more pictures. The gutter pictures face west and are looking away from the beach. You can see they actually forgot, I think :thinking:, to screw in a gutter nail. Of course he missed the cross beams or whatever they’re called but should they go into the drip edge as such? I’ve told them once already that it just doesn’t look correct and he still installed it drilling into the drip edge?!

This is the top east side of my property which faces the beach.

The image, 29695 ending if you tap or hold down & 6th picture down, I think, showing the beams come together is the ridge end, on the north side of the property. The roofing company said they placed extra black felt here but as you can see from the pictures there isn’t felt till the very end? :thinking:. Am I being too picky? Like there is extra black felt on the other end of the roof ride, the south side.

Obviously other pictures are of multiple nails not hitting wood…!

FYI, As most of you likely know the blue tarpish looking material is a synthetic felt? Specifically was marked in the inspection.

It’s CertainTeed landmark silver birch.

Just gotta say, thank you, all for writing and responding with sound knowledge. It’s not easy when you have one monkey brain without that real life experience. The information, suggestions, and answers have all been useful. Thanks so much :+1:

A bit over the top yet crazy but I feel like I’m the troubled one given it’s passed all other parties standards. Phew? Lol


Another thing is I’ve not gotten a single FINAL LIEN SATISFACTION BILL and they’ve not FILED THE LIEN FOR THE CORRECT AMOUNT. I know the all caps is dramatic but I work in finance and it’s been a lot of back and forth with these ladies; I’ve unfortunately developed little temperment for arithmetic errors. I say ladies because it literally is all woman in their accounts receivable and secretary and manager positions, no disrespect.

So hopefully this math makes sense…the insurance company paid out, $4,822.98, on 8/10/20.

Then I paid my $2,500 deductible.

Yet they file the lien saying I’ve only paid, $14,072.83 - $9,908.55 = $4,164.28. YET, as you can see I’ve actually already received and gave the one insurance check, $4,822.98; plus my deductible +$2,500 = $7,322.98.

I don’t know what else to do.

I also have checks in the amount of $4,819.55; & $499.14; & $1,431.16; & $207.84. ( = $6,957.69 ) nice

Gotta note I’m just not going to take a picture of every insurance check I’ve received. I’ll say the last one I received was on 12/21/20.

SO if you’re still with me, I have $6,957.69 still holding from insurance + $4,822.98 first insurance check + $2,500 deductible = amount of money I have fully is $14,280.67

YET, once again the lien is only for $14,072.83 and the BIGGEST PROBLEM REALLY is that they’ve said I’ve only paid out $4,164.28 yet I’ve clearly paid $4,822.98 + $2,500 deductible = $7,322.98!

I’m in the twilight zone.

This application where the nails do not go into the decking is the contractors responsibility. If you hire a good roof Consultant and he documents the installation defects, you will be fine. You then notify the contractor of the defects and if he files a lien, you can recover 3x for damages due to a fraudulent lien. Check with an attorney to confirm my information since I’m not a lawyer…
Hope this helps !!