Need advice/ roof job

Have an old home, previous owners left me with 4 layers on there: 2 cedar shakes, 2 asphalt. Had a company put on new roof, as roof began to leak in valley. It was winter, and valley leaking, so because he was going to put entire roof on in the spring, he did the valley and 8’ up from the gutters ( 2 rows of plywood). They tore off everything, but left a small ( aprx. 9") row of shakes where the new plywood met the old roof. When the plywood was put over this, it formed a small bump in the roof, aprx. 20’ long. The bump is noticeable now with whole new roof on. So the plywood decking put on in the winter, and then the plywood put on in the spring, do not buttup to each other. One overlaps the other where the ‘bump’ of shakes is.

So now i have a new roof, no leaks and this long linear bump 8’ up fom the gutter. I called my roofer FIVE times and its quite clear, he is not going to address this. Getting the run around from him. Won’t even come back.

So now I am asking this forum, to comment on this job. I have a picture of the underside of the roof if anyone wants me to email it to them. I am looking here to find out what you all have to say about this, as I am ready to contact my lawyer ( but want some input here first). I will eventually need someone to vouch for me here, but want to run this by the group to get me started.

Hope I have described this situation clearly. Thank you.

Well email it to me and i will look at what you have send me pitucres of the outside and the inside if you can so i can clearly make a call on what is wrong. There is an email link on the bottom of the posting.

sounds like you got what you paid for