Need expert input please

Hi, this is my first post here, I have been renovating old houses for the past few years and have a fair amount of information, enough to be dangerous as they say. I really hate to “introduce” myself with a question of this nature but I need correct information quickly.

My previous roofer had some issues and was unable to roof the project I’m working on now. My GC recommended a guy and I went with it.

This is a GAF roof system. I was told that weatherwatch would be used on valleys and edges and on the front porch roof. They dumped off materials, including 3 rolls of weatherwatch. The next day the synthetic tar paper was all over the roof, and the weather watch remained on the ground. Now there are shingles up. I questioned the roofer about this and he said it was installed. He said he brought 4 rolls.

My dilemma is that this does not appear to be true. I only paid for 3 rolls. There are two full and one nearly full partial roll sitting in the supply pile. 2/3 of the roof is under shingle. I’ve taken photos along the way and I don’t see any evidence that anything but synthetic felt was put down.

Should I have him remove shingles along the edge of the roof so that I can see the weatherwatch, or is there another way to verify it is in place?

I’m meeting with him tomorrow. I’m really unhappy about this. I do not like to create problems for the people who buy my houses. I could use some good advice.


P.S. I have photos here:

Maybe his guys brought material from the yard and it wasn’t communicated properly, happens all the time. If you feel the need, ask him to show you an area that has been done with the material requested but you better have a strategy for either scenario. If he proves it was installed pay him for his extra time removing shingles. If you find out he was trying to scam you fire him and be ready to find another contractor mid job. Are you willing to do this?

Thanks for your comment. He specifically said that he brought the material but I suppose anything is possible. His crew does not seem to speak English and I don’t speak Spanish. I would rather fire him and find another roofer than settle for a sub par job that will give the buyer problems.

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66 LF in a 2 sq roll, not sure it could all be done with 66’

I cant see the pic.

But you needed it on a low slope porch if you have one.
And in the valley if you are not installing valley metal.

Along the rake edges is totally uneeded
And i dare say a stupid waste of time and resources.

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Had a building inspector tell me “The manufacturer wants you to do the rakes, too”. Told him the manufacturer wants me to do that whole soybean field with it!

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Roof 1|666x500

Nice! Don’t forget to stop back in and show pics of the completed rehab!

I hope that front porch had enough pitch on it for shingles.
Its looking mighty low pitch to me.
And then a second story roof pounding into it.

almost done.

Looking good! Staying within budget?

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staying within budget? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I hate to get taken!! I’d that is indeed your current scenario.
You need peace of mind …and you have some
Just a thought
What if he signs an affidavit confirming the roof details? You’d have to
Make sure the wording is clear and precise