Need good job

16 year exp. roofer
32 years old single dad drug free, drivers license, truck all hand tools air nailer. have worked with all types of roofing from shingles, rubber, metal. crew leading and estimating. I live in southern IN. Will travel.

Contact info:

Don clarke
Evansville , IN
(812) 449-9035
race68 [at] live [dot] com

Start your own business and choose your pay. Business owners are always filthy rich.


I am not the business owner but will be taking it over eventually and by the way he actual owner talks, im afraid to be poor.

I hope everyone knows I was joking. As an owner I hear it often. Heard the stories from employees of how I get rich off of their work. I asked one how much he thought I made a day. He figured I cleared about $1500. daily. I wish.

Had another ones girlfriend comment on my house. She said I was a selfish bastard cause look at where I live compared to the place they rent.

i need a good job too. the calls just arent comming in. the experts say the economy is improving but i dont see it here in n.h… if anyone needs a good roofer in southern n.h. or northern mass. please shoot me a email @

SES I have heard that from employees among others around here too. 1500 a day! I’m sure there are roofers who make that but they are not nailing shingles and have atleast a half a dozen crews.
Even when I’m making good money, the number of hours I put it is ludicrous. I doubt I make much more than 25 bucks an hour if you factor in every minute. I think your handle says it all SES

Corry, from your posts I know I like your attitude and I’m sure we’d get along great. I think I would have a lot to learn from you as well. If you ever head to VA let me know.

Can you beat this guys price?


Need a new roof but can not afford the high prices?

You buy the material and

I"ll shingle it for 18.00 a square.

Material must be on the roof.

This price covers a 4/12 to 6/12 pitch.

Over 20 years experience.

Certified by most of the major roofing manufactures ??? How?

This offer is to home owners only and you will get a written labor guarantee.

Call BOB at 219-406-5609


hell no ed, that dont cover gas!

I know.

If the guy actually paid taxes on his earnings, then he would be making about 1/4 to 1/3rd less than that sum, which would be just a bit over $12.00 per square. I used to make those wages 25 years ago with Fringe Benefits and a Health Insurance Plan.


ed, thats unrealistic. i was talking a foremans position or something hourly.