Need help choosing a flat roof considering IB roofing

has anyone had IB roof installed? what do you think of it? it’s going over a carport with i believe tongue and groove?

I think its a great roof and a great choice.

This is a PVC product. OK material made by Canadian General for IB. Often very pricey. You can get similar material from quite a few other vendors at much less cost.

is it true that it’s a lifetime roof. do it once and never need a roof again?

Yea, this lifetime warranty is like the 50 year shingle warranty…good luck on that. In California the legal definition of a “lifetime” warranty is 10 years. The state is broke so 10 years only seems like a lifetime to the politico’s. IB isn’t the only company offering the lifetime warranty. To get a membrane to go to the maximum life span means putting a thicker membrane down. Use 80 mil PVC or TPO and you’ll get a long life roof. Make sure the owners stay off the roof or put walk pads where they will walk.

don, do you have any recommendations for roofers? i’m in san jose. thanks in advance.

Stay away from TPO. Now your talking apples and oranges. Sarnafil and FiberTight are also just as good as IB. Cooley and Durolast not as good.As far as PVC goes anyway.

Can I ask why you would say stay away from Tpo? There are manufactures who give a “lifetime” warranty on tpo for residential applications to.

I read your other post about tpo and see where your opinion came from. I don’t really see any proof in that statement. I have seen millions of square feet of tpo in last 10 years and the majority of the major manufactures have no issues.
Its like saying because pvc shrinks and cracks over time and due to the trocal failures of the past pvc should be avoided.

Sarnafil is the ONLY PVC as far as I’m concerned.

I went to the TPO seminar at the supply house last week. I thought it was pretty intresting, hopefully its not junk.

I don’t know if you guys saw the MRCA bulletin from a week or two ago, but they talk about “premature aging” in TPO. They say it is especially problematic in areas where UV is reflected onto a roof area like next to a skylight or reflective wall.
They say it is not restricted to a single manufacturer, either.

Here’s a link to it: (sorry about the ugly URL)

Hi, Ib is a great product with real good customer support.I work in San Jose, give me a call 209-456-1734.-Ray

i just googled fibertight per the above reference. that seems like a good product as well. there’s too much to choose from.

the only benifit to the TPO craze is thats its cheap.
Like Hypalon it will most likely lead to a lot of future reroofs and more work for the roofing industry so from that perspective its a good thing. The formular from what I understand will vary for manufactuer to manurfactuer, and they keep changing it. I have heard of a lot of problems with it besides the repot in my other post. just google it and you will find plenty. I am just afraid it could give all thermoplastics a black eye “like trocal”.

What exactly is driving the TPO craze? Is it just price? Solar reflectivity? EPDM has been around for so long and works. I don’t understand why anyone would consider anything else.
Cerb, RooferJ, anyone else with significant flat experience, enlighten me.

I agree, RooferJ. It’s constantly under reformulation by ALL the manufacturers. Why reformulate if it’s good?

It is white, and it’s cheap, so it fits a big criterion for the green goobers, but that’s about it. The guys making their living on newcon big boxes, and the guys retrofitting wide-open r-panel can put serious squares down in a day, so they like it as well.
They haven’t had the same problems with PVC, but PVC is at least 2x the cost for good old EPDM. For HVAC efficency, white is great, but here in region 6 there are more heating days than cooling so to a certain extent the benefit of white is a wash.
Fadh EPDM is still a safe, inexpensive bet here in the northwoods, but if I were in warmer climes, personally I’d lean PVC.

Several contractors in San Jose:

Dinyari Roofing
Platinum Roofing
Statewide Roofing
Alliance Roofing

Also check with the local distributors such as Ford Wholesale and ABC Supply for recommendations.

These guys do both TPO and PVC. Both products are doing a great job on roofs. No roofing product is perfect and all are updated over time as better chemicals and formulas appear. If that weren’t true you would still be using rag felt in your built up projects. Sarnafil and Carlisle are comparable PVC’s in virtually all categories.

The MRCA bulletin is just that, a bulletin. It does not tell anyone to stop using TPO. Because of the huge growth of TPO in the market it is wise to watch the performance and warranty support of the various brands. Not all TPO’s are the same just as not all PVC’s or BUR are the same. Bottom line, check out the strength of the manufacturer because that is where the warranty and product support come from. If you get a quality product from a major manufacturer and pay less…sounds good to me.

Good point. If you have a good manufacturer willing to stand behind their product, then go for it. Please don’t get me wrong as I was only relaying my personal preference. I’ve spec’d TPO, and installed without problems.
I realize there are threads a mile long with people butting heads like a ford/chevy debate, but the MRCA bulletin was fresh news. Every product has strengths, and good specs are dependent on situation. By all means use TPO where it will be a good system.

Rosco @ Jim are completely right.

TPO is a huge gamble and will bring us - roofers tons of work when it fails. I won’t retype everything I wrote on this matter - here is our page on TPO vs PVC roofing -

The MRCA bulletin is LONG overdue - the WSRCA is conducting a TPO field test - multiple roofs in different regions of US - yet the last report on this matter was in like 2006 or 2007. At that point TPO roofs began to fail miserably and In My Opinion - TPO manufacturers pressured WSRCA to not release any more reports.

As far as IB - it is the ONLY flat roof that we install! The product is awesome and I never had problems with it. I even use it to repair old PVC roofs such as Trocal, Sarnafil, Cooley and others.

I don’t understand the beef that Donl has with IB… yea, it’s pricey - but difference with say Versico is not huge and when it comes to quality and support - IB beats competition hands down. All the support for Versico will come from your Bradco over-the-counter sales-person / cashier :slight_smile:

And yes… Lifetime is a gimmick in a way, but you can really expect a 50-mil IB to last 30+ years as is already proven. And it will remain weldable, in case you need to expand or repair the roof.

Good Luck

Go with IB - you will love it.