NEED HELP... Does anyone have a roofing material order sheet

I just started doing in home sales for roofing jobs and i need an order sheet to note what materials the job requires. Does anyone have one they could share with me? Also does anyone have a roofing sales pitch that can be printed or know where I can find one? I am located in Columbus Ohio and am just starting out.

Thanks, Hayley

Before I reply, what is your experience in roofing or construction in general?

How long have you been in sales?

(hand waving wildly in the air)…Pick me, Pick me !!!

I have some order sheets right here handy…

Lemme seeee…

they come in a pack of 150, it says something about College Ruled… lots of pretty blue lines… and some convenient holes on the side to put into my notebook… PERFECT.

Where can I send them? :smiley:

Now… where’s my sales pitch??? Hmmmm., next to the blinker fluid I reckon…

If I find the bulk pack should I send them too??? :mrgreen:

Check with your local supplier for order sheets. ABC Supply has some