Need Help for Repair (w/pic)

My roof is old and needs to be replaced but I’ve been told I can get another year out of it with some small repairs. For a few reasons (mostly because I can’t get someone quickly that I trust—they’re too busy) I’ve decided to see if I can do this myself.

A winter to save for a full replacement is worth it to me.

So I’m looking for some repair how-to advice! I’ve attached a photo of suspect areas and am wondering how I might handle some of these repairs.

I would particularly like to know what needs to happen around the chimney as I had a small leak during a freak nor’easter we had a few weeks back.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate this community and the emphasis on quality and doing this right.

Thanks again!

If you can at all get it replaced now , shingles look way beyond repair . They appear to have needed replaced 3 years ago. if ya cant do it now , Home depot sells these handy very large tarps , because i don’t see how it can be repaired

Oh it can’t be that bad can it? Say it aint so! :smiley:

The valley is the worst looking part (11) but I’m not even sure that needs patching—it’s just getting ugly.

I’m only showing the worst parts (which really, besides a few missing shingles, are just some curled spots, right?)

Granted, I have no idea what I’m talking about!!

A bucket of tar and trowel will hold it off for another winter, maybe.

You need a new roof, ain’t no real repairing worth the cost going on there.

Don’t ask where to smear the tar…

like axiom said , put some tar on the spots where the shingles are missing,and maybe the pipe boot,but dont mess with the chimney,if you put a bunch of “pucky” around it your roofer will probably curse you out,use a little in the right place and youll make it to spring :stuck_out_tongue:

If your only leak is at the chimney then have it repaired now. I believe you said that you have a bid for it already.

Now I see the other chimney and you might have the same problem sooner or later

You could hold off until spring but you have the potential of leak repairs to run you about $2000.00 or better…(chimneys,valleys, blowoffs)…If you have it done right and profesionally. Yeah… you can save some cost by throwing a bunch of mastic at your chimneys and valleys.

Those curled shingles…can blow off in a strong wind storm…and is going to cost you.

You have two choices…Get a new roof now if you can and have “peace of mind”! OR count on spending more money throughout the winter to take care of your problems.

Sorry…It is just that your roof is at the end of its life cycle.

I had a contractor I trust out to the house today to give me (yet another) quote on the roof—I keep hoping my roof will shrink to 25 square rather than 50.

Ugh, it’d be so much easier to wait a year. But yeah, peace of mind has a huge value to me.

I am not worried about the curling shingles but pic # 8 is troublesome , those shingles look totaly shot

Yes, that’s definitely the worst part. (Well, except for the missing shingles and the leak around the chimney.)

Here’s the full image (large):

It’s actually the only part of the roof that’s remotely that bad. It’s a different angle of photo #4.

Axiom: I’m not gonna ask you wear to smear the tar, but I will ask if I shouldn’t smear it on the curled shingles? (I talked to a roofer today that said I shouldn’t smear it those shingles and not to walk on it.)

I’d rather not do it on that section because it’s in the front of the house (read: very viewable, and I suspect therefore would be extremely noticeable.)


It’s hard to let go and accept the fact that your roof is shot and you need to have it replaced. It’s possible that you may only need to replace specific sides of the roof, also known as a partial roof replacement.

We have a four part series on partial roof replacements to show you what I mean:,,, and

Trying to push your roof through the winter is like getting in your car and driving cross country to Arizona. Will you make it? Maybe, but you also might get stranded in the middle of no where. Fold your hand and give yourself peace of mind through what everyone anticipates to be a harsh and long winter.

Sure, the shingles are bad and will only get worse. If you try and patch the shingles with new ones, then you may open up a can of worms (kinda like pulling on a thread on a shirt sleeve and then the whle sleeve comes off).

The chimney leak? Is it dripping in the firebox or is it showing up on the drywalled ceiling and / or walls?

If it is in the firebox, then picture #9 clearly shows that the mortar wash on top of the bricks and around the clay flue pipe has clearly become a problem.

Either remove the existing mortar wash and have a new mortar wash installed OR remove the existing mortar wash and install a new full metal chimney cap. I would prefer a chimney cap over re-doing the mortar wash.

As an insurance adjuster, I am looking at your roof and thinking that you can get your insurance company to pay for the new roof since you have evidence of damage by windstorm. I can even work up an estimate for you (for a small charge) to present to your insurance company. If you would like, contact me at and I can give you more details.

Pics 1 & 2 whats up with that counter flashing so close to the surface of the roof? how can there be any steps under there, or any overlap on the counter?