Need help identifying a shingle manufacturer

I am looking to identify the roofing shingles that came off my roof. I need to purchase a replacement bundle to replace the missing few shingles. They were installed the summer of 2012 in Northwest Indiana. I am leaning towards GAF timberline of some sort. The strip on the shingle says MIAMI DADE COUNTY APPROVED PX A4400 after the A4400 there seems to be another character that I cannot identify. See photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Your picture doesn’t seem to work. I think if you put them if your album we can see them.

Probably going to need a guy from your area to help. GAF in Texas comes with an Ennis stamp, followed by Four digits. I’ve never seen Dade county on a GAF shingle in this area. I do see OC and Certainteed with Dade on the seal strip.

Post the face of the shingle.

The straight cut laminates make me think it’s an IKO Cambridge.

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Gaf timberlines.
Probably the Natural Shadow line.
They are the only ones that remove the granules out of the way for the tar strip.

Shingles fell out because roofer was careless
And didnt know that he had a very small area to install the nails.
He missed the double laminate all the way,
Popped his lines wrong, set his shingles too high along with the high nailing.

Those are iko. Cambridge, the only laminated shingles with no angle on the overlaying ‘teeth’.
All the iko shingles I see also have PX in the lot number.

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Thank you gentlemen! I’ll head to an IKO distributor for a bundle!

Thanks Again