Need help identifying this shingle. Similar to Atlas Chalet

I need help identifying this 3-tab shingle, with a narrow rectangular laminate piece applied, 3" wide typically. These appear similar to the Atlas Chalet but they are not the same.

Look like Certainteed Independence. I think they are discontinued.


Shingles look like certainteed I independence, hip shingles defiantly look like certainteed with the clipped corner.

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Thank you - I believe you are right!

I don’t think independence are discontinued.

I seen them go down on a house last year.

Certainteed Independence are discontinued.

Independence used to be really popular around here, the shingle lasts a really long time.

While discontinued one supplier in my area still has a decent amount of independence still in stock.

That’s likely what happened here too,newcon builders used to use a lot of them. They look like laminates and the union paid 3tab rates on them

Similar to the old Pabco Horizons. Weren’t those a blast? Surprisingly they held up for a long time though.

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