Need help quoting a price

Can anyone give me an idea of what would be a fair price per square in the columbia MO area?I’ll be tearing off 2 or 3 layers from the looks of it.The homeowner is covering the cost of the dumpster & materials,so I basically just need an idea for a fair labor price.pitch feels like an 8,& the deck underneath feels solid.I’m just used to being the one doing the work,not the pricing,so any help would be appreciated.

you need to know exactly how many layers and what the deck is. go in the attic and look up!!! you are going to bury yourself if you dont know these easy details.

How much is your rent?
How big is your family?
How strong are your addictions?
How many MPG does your vehicle get?
Do you have to buy a ladder to do the job?
What is you tax rate? Are you paying taxes?

I’d have to say a minimum of $50 per tear off and at least $65-75 to install new shingle . What kind of warranty were you giving ? That would also have to be considered . What condition is your underlayment and deck(sheathing) .

Im up her in canada and id do it for 320 a sq. But i see you have to rip off three layers. Ill bet under that three layer there is alot of rot. I dont understand why the last roofer would re roof over two layers. Considering the roof shouldnt be able to withstand that amount of weight.
Well. Sice they are provding the materials. This is how id price it.
$40 per poll of felt applied
$50 per roll of ice and water
$30 per bundle of shingles
The vent id put in for free unless they were huge ass wirly birds.
Since your ripping off three layer your probally gonna need a couple bins. One layer would fill one bin so consider what your getting into.

Since your a roofer and not coontractor id get a phone qoute from another roofing company.

Im just shaking my head. I think buster rather than shooting from the hip like you often do on this site you should think aboutwhat you are going to type before doing so. Read what you had wrote and then ask yourself whats wrong with it. Prices on the paper and such are not in the states like you are doing. THere is not a soul in my state that would pay you 50 bucks for a 2 square roll of I&W to install.

There seems to be a lot of price quoting in here GTP. Specific price quoting.
$50 to install a roll of I&W? SWEET!
Go ahead and call a contractor to get his prices? Is this Low Life Central?
Jack Leg Roofing . com?
It is pretty thinly disguised (or not) amateur crap at times.

Let’s start a new:
" I am doing a side job ( or not). I’d like to cut everyone’s price, in here or elsewhere. Can you help me out?"
"$100 a sq."
"$100 a sq.? OK good. Anyone else?"
" Act like a customer, call a contractor and waste 20 minutes of his valuable time."
Well I know that contractor won’t be YOU!!

You know the public writes into this forum asking questions, most of the time seeking good advice. But they are sometimes looking for something for nothing. And then there are always a few Cowboys that jump up and make us all look like back stabbing, IDIOT ROOFERS.

Aaron summed it up the other day and it sailed over about everybody’s head. The guy laid out 2 prices he received, and guys in here started jumping up and down wanting to cut them. You know that homeowner left shaking his head knowing why Roofer’s exist in the crapper of life :evil:

This thread sucks. :frowning:

What the H___ are you doing telling him to go waste legit contractors’ time? Go get roofing buster to come out and bid it for nothing.

What kind of insanity is this? You guys are busting each others’ bids and cutting your own throats. Too bad you cannot even see it. :frowning:

Going to a show Ranch Hand? :stuck_out_tongue:
What’s a matter Aaron? Are you holding a mirror up and no one can see their own reflection? Hmmmmmm.
Must be a faulty mirorr. :o

Maybe instead of bashing the guy that raises your standard of living, y’all should be accepting of what he is doing right, and questioning what you are doing wrong. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can’t sell a roof $10,000 - or whatever. But why not try selling it at $9700 instead of $7900?

Use your heads if you got one :x

Guess what? The customer DOES NOT KNOW THE PRICE UNTIL YOU TELL HIM. If someone else has phucked up your market, and the customer won’t budge, fine. Move on. If it is YOU phucking it up, change your ways or quit yer beetchin’.

Heck I hardly return calls in my hometown anymore. It ain’t worth my time.