Need help with cost estimate

How much will cost me to redo two story single family house roof? The total size of the house 1830 Square Feet. Location: Central Iowa, Ames, Story County. Will appreciate references for Ames/Des Moines area contractors. Thanks in advance

A lot can depend on the pitch of the roof. But here in Michigan if is walkable, it would be about $4000. thats just a ball park with out knowing or seeing any details!!

I am having my roof redone right now…Western PA area…the cost seems to be about $300 per square of roofing insatlled for a 30 year architectural shingle…including tearoff, underlayment, drip edge and such…

You need to measure thesize of your roof and number of valleys etc and then use one of the online calculators to figure out a rough guess…I have only two valleys on my house so its cheaper than some…if you have no valleys then yours wouldbe an easier – and therefore slightly cheaper – roof, I would guess.

Also depends on how many stories your hous is. How many layers of roofing. Ease of access. How steep is the roof. What is your contractors overhead and reputation (the better his rep. he will probably charge more than drunk uncle Frank). Pricing also varies greatly by region.

I think there is a roofer who posts on another roofing forum from Iowa. Other than him don’t know of any roofers from Iowa.

Price will really depend upon pitch and number of layers and style of roof.

You could get bids from under $200 per square to over $400 per square.