Need mentor to answer questions about house with shed roof

Hello - I live in Upper Michigan and have a problem with ice dams. I would like to ask a roofing expert some questions about how to properly insulation a shed roof so that there is enough ventilation to prevent ice dams. Anyone up to being my email mentor so I can ask some detailed questions and share some photos? Thanks.

I sent you a pm. Check your Messages in the upper right hand corner.

Hello dstew66 - Unfortunately I cannot receive private messages. This pops up when I click on messages… “You are not authorised to read private messages.” Apparently new users do not have that feature. :?

Where in Northern Michigan?

Axiom - In the center of the U.P… snow country. :expressionless:

The various shed roofs are so popular among the various people and also it gives a nice authentic look to the various house which is provided with such a roof.