Need name of roof inspection company in Brooklyn NY to certify roof

I just had a total repacrment of the roof on my 110 year old house. I need to have the job inspected and certified. Can you send me the names of companies that do inspections and certify the work. I am located in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn NY

Inspect and certify?
You ask me to certify a roof somebody else did??
Im charging you an arm and a leg.

Reinstall roofs normally do not come with certifications . The only time I have experienced certifications are on commercial jobs where the manufacture certifies the install for warranty purposes.

Does any one know the name of the independent installation inspection company that Sears uses to certfy their roof jobs

Contact your manufacturer. And why do you need to get this roof certified by a third party? As rooflover said, no other roofers will want to do this and if you find one to do it they will overcharge you (I would too) for getting involved in someone elses problem.

I used to do work for Sears awhile back and they used a third party company on their installs to inspect the work which I think is what he is referring too. It’s been years but They used several different ones and it varied on reagion. Reach out to your project manager if you think something is wrong with the job. They more than likely won’t share the report with you especially if theirs negative in it. Withhold final payment if possible they will act faster. Sending emails to corporate and name dropping gets you brought to the front of the Repair line as well. Their system was broken when I was there and I doubt it has changed much. I made more repairing all the messed up jobs then I did full installs. Good luck in dealing with them I’m sure you paid an arm and a leg.

To make a long story short, the roofer who had done some work for me in the past, messed up when he did a total roof replacement job. on the house After a few days since he completed the job I noticed that I had some water leaking into the soffits. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact him, I had 2 others roofers look at what repairs if any were needed. Both of the roofers said he took a lot of shortcuts, They found he didn’t put any drip edge on the roof near the gutters. He also didnt finish 2 valleys properly. He used too small a gutter on one section of the roof. He also nailed the gutter straps on top the shingles. That is the reason I am looking to get an independent 3rd party to inspect the roof so If the cost of the repairs js substantial I will have some idea of what I need for court purposes.