Need new roof in Alaska

Hello from the great north! -Anchorage, Alaska-

Am just now starting off on the quest of having my roof re-done. It’s at the 30 year mark (and probably only a 20 year roof to start with, lol, no leaks… but needs to be redone!!) and so far have called two contractors… more to follow.
First one says: $2.60 a square foot (2000 sq ft) which “covers everything” (… sight unseen sure makes me wonder!!)
Second one is going to have someone come over before estimate.
Both of these contractors have been doing business here in AK for like 20-30 years. (according to their add in yellow pages…)
Naturally there is much more to discuss with these guys (and the others that I plan to call and get estimates from) as I am just getting started here.
Just wondering if any of you pros know or can recommend anyone here in Anchorage??
No biggy… but just thought I’d ask.
Am enjoying this site… have built a couple of small cabins up here many years ago… but am too damn old (lazy…) to do my roof so need to hire someone. Just don’t know of who to hire… and don’t have anyone to give me that recommendation that I seek…

So you’ve gotten two estimates already and there are how many more to come?

Best advice I can give you is to get one more and decide which one you like best out of the three. Picking the middle contractor is what I see a lot of home owners doing these days. Their mentality may be they don’t want to go with the low bidder and get a bad roof and they don’t want to go with the high bidder and get ripped off.

The only other advice I can offer you at this time is to try to find a owner operator roofing contractor. More than likely if the owner is on the roof the whole time and if he’s licensed you should get a pretty good roof out of the deal, but this is not always the case.

You could get a roofer is comes in low who’s got no overhead who’s a super good roofer or you could get a really lousy roofing crew from one of the high bidders.

I know Certainteed has as program that qualifies roofers and once your qualified they put you into their database by location to connect home owners and quality master contractors. Others may do this and it may be worth checking into.

For a griz hunt I will come and do it for you… :wink:

i like the 2.60 guy.
thats more than fare price.
the fact that he/she doesnt have to come out tells me he/she has
probably been up there all his/her life. and probably knows every building there like the back of his/her hand.
i often visualize where estimates are located and if i know
that part of town real well and what kind house
it is i wont need to go out possibly waste my time.
ill shoot a per sq ft price rite over the phone.
so dont let that scare ya.


Thanks guys…

and gueedo, the 2.60 guy was a little “quick” on the phone… but did mention he didn’t use the 3 tab… and I missed what he did say. (…he had to be paged to answer the phone and was probably interrupted from something more important than talking to a “tire kicker” … so I don’t hold that against him!) His add says: family owned and operated since '75… so he’s been around here a while!

Should I expect a metal drip edge around the facia for that “2.60” including everything?

shingle monkey, lol, too bad this isn’t a couple of years ago when I owned a couple of little airplanes. Sigh, those days are gone I’m afraid.

with roofers never assume anything. The range that could be done in quality is so great that you need everything in writing.

If they dont have time to come out and write an estimate then they are not a good match for you, and their customer service is garbage…probably the same if you had a problem.

As for asking how things are done is tuff here in a world wide web site.

You have qweedo that is from FL that roofs houses totally different than norther states people(dont tell him, but he doesnt even know what Ice and water shield is) :mrgreen:

Keep calling contractors untill you find the one that you want.

If you cant, I will do the roof for a black bear hunt but thats as low as I go…and it must be over 400lbs :wink:

youll get edge metal im sure.
stick with the native.
it is very important to have someone who has done a whole lot
a roofs in your town, do yours. very important.

read some more of the post here and it will help
you with your contract.

i read that monkey.


I live in Anchorage. Send me a PM - I’ll give you whatever help I can.


I dont like the shoot the number over the phone guy at all. He may have been there for years but when you quote a price over the phone that shows you are not interested in the customer. How does he know what he is pricing if he can not see it. Bad business practice period.

Hey, I sure appreciate all of your input(s)!

Have got a couple of guys coming over next week for some estimates… so I’ll get back on here after I have more info.

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Spring has finally sprung here in Anchorage… the sound of water running off the roof is magic to my old ears!!


Keith, I sent you a PM!


Well, three bids are in. The 2.60/sq ft guy never called back or came over… ~REJECT~

One other company made their estimate from the street but never even came into the yard… (except to deliver the bid) and they were at $6825.
(Their bid included the same list as the one below)

Third company, Rain Proof Roofing, the owner (Dave) came over. We talked for quite a while and he described what they would do. Then he climbed up on the roof and inspected everything… stomped around to see if there were any “soft” areas, climbed down, talked some more. Today I received his estimate of $6600. This is for Malarkey SBS modified shingles (35 year) with 6 coil nails per shingle, new flashings (stacks and vents, etc.) and perimeter drip edge, 30# felt, water and ice shield, shingle-over ridge vent, haul off removed shingles and debris.
So… looks like he’s the guy!


uh, yeah.