Need profesional opinion about roof

Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place but I see that the site is open for anyone with a roof! I have a flat roof that was completely reroofed in early 2010 at a cost of nearly $13K for approx. 2000 sq/ft. The drawing of the contractor shows a pitch towards the scuppers in addition to lowering of the scuppers. We bought the house in May, 2013 and the roof has been accumulating a tremendous amount of water that stands still and neither drains nor evaporates.

The situation got so bad that the elastomeric paint (901 Tropical / GAF top coat) started peeling, cracking, and turning into cottage cheese and algae is everywhere. We contacted the original roofer and he would not honor the roof warranty although it clearly covers workmanship, labor, and leaks in the contract and the warranty… We actually paid the same contractor an additional $1000 in order to have the warranty transferred.

The contractor’s suggestions were ridiculous. He tried to sell us another roof and suggested we place a marine pump on the roof. Of course, we felt suspicious and hired other licensed roofers who were shocked at the dire condition of the roof given its young age. They felt sorry for us and suggested going back and demanding they honor their workmanship and warranty. We could not get anywhere with the original contractor and in order to protect our investment and possible imminent damage to the lower layers and roof deck which is made from expensive Tectum panel; we hired a new contractor to mitigate the problems.

All of the three contractors we hired to examine the roof mentioned that even if the roofer knew of any existing water accumulation, he should have never used elastomeric paint as it will break apart fairly quickly and the manufacturers even warns about that fact. They also pointed out that the scuppers are too way too high and the roof pitch is not adequate for the water to travel to the scuppers and drain. We had the roof fully documented prior to hiring a new contractor to fix it.

The quotes to fix the roof were expensive and we had to pay out of pocket and file a formal complaint against the former roofer.

What do you guys suggest we do? Many contractors recommended Gaco Western, but that does not fix the pitch or lower the scuppers so the water can drain properly. They also told us that layering with products won’t help because the areas where the water stands are way too large.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a legal matter as in ‘breach of contract.’