Need proper flashing near Annapolis,MD

I am completely beside myself and looking for help. I have a 2 year old roof and a rebuilt central chimney. The chimney people did not cut the flashing into the brick. It looks like continuous flashing just “glued” to the sides of the chimney. It’s leaking on all 4 sides. On one side I can see from the attic that the water is under the flashing.

If you, or a roofer you know, knows how to do this flashing correctly, can you please contact me here or my email

Pics are essential to troubleshoot your problem. Was the chimney work done before or after the roof was installed?

Chimney was done after roof, finished last week. Here are some pics I took from the attic (edit: I can only insert one pic per post).

Can’t see much from the pic, Call the mason and allow them to rectify the problem first. If no satisfactory response from them, if you were satisfied with the roofer, I’d call them for a troubleshoot. Regardless, keep a date log of contacts with all parties. I’ve been paid for repairs to other’s work though small claims, but the paper trail is important…